Fat Mogul vs. SEO, CTR, SEM, and other gross acronyms

image came from "mylocalseoguy.com" a site that apparently specializes in the fact that there are billions of SEO guys out there
image came from “mylocalseoguy.com” a site that apparently specializes in the fact that there are billions of SEO guys out there

If you’ve spent any time running a blog, or, well, any website for that matter, you’ve, no doubt, heard of at least one of the acronyms in the title of this post (my guess  would be SEO).  In fact, there’s a whole host of other acronyms that experts love flinging around and writing countless books about that every single possible person on the internet who is looking to get attention should know about…

In fact, sticking with simply talking about SEO (which, for the uninitiated, stands for search engine optimization, and, to explain simply, refers to the concept of improving how your site shows up with regards to search results on places like google), you’ll find that almost every tech savvy place hiring today is looking for SEO experts and there’s even more folks out there who proclaim themselves the experts.  It’s a huge industry, simply to make sure your name pops up first when people search for things.

Now, I’m not trying to say that such things aren’t important.  Especially when you’re talking about large multi-national corporations who are battling against heavy competition in such overly conversed about topics as health care or finance security, it makes a helluva lot of sense to worry about where you’re going to appear in search results for health care or finance security.  When you’re a tiny little author like myself…well, you’d have to spend a ton of money to get yourself to the top of the search results that matter within the industry.

Yet, I receive an inordinate amount of unsolicited e-mail (I hesitate calling it spam, is it is specifically directed at me with a modicum of research behind it, as opposed to the mass mailed crap about canadian pharmacies) on these acronyms from folks who believe I could get a great boost in my marketing results by being concerned about my SEO or my click-through rates, or my adsense marketing…

And you know what…they’re probably right.  Considering how quickly my books fly off the (virtual) shelves at the moment, it wouldn’t be hard for someone to promise that I would be doubling the sales of my books within weeks simply by ensuring that I include the proper words within the proper locations within my posts to ensure that search engines pick them up faster and lead more people here because I’m the leader in knowledge about …I don’t know…Doctor Who?  Random Ranting?  Absolute BS?

I’ll admit that I often consider the fact that I could be receiving increased traffic to my blog and therefore have the possibility of increasing sales of my books as a result.  I pay attention to things like what times of the day appear to be better for posting articles to actually have people  see them pop up in their facebook feeds or what articles seem to actually get the most people “clicking through” from facebook or wherever they see my titles.  But honestly…it doesn’t do much toward changing what I do on here.

Yes, paying attention to these things has caused me to add one regular item to the blog, the book review, as it would seem that many of you out there are looking for recommendations, and I have managed to get several of you to “click through” to do some purchasing.  Makes me feel powerful in a way…of course, if I were smart, I would use an affiliate link in each of these which would ensure that if you were to choose to purchase the book after clicking through, I’d get paid the big bucks (I don’t know…like a quarter of a penny probably?).

But I’m not smart…and you know what?  Because of that…I am somehow one of the top search results for such inane things as Moochy and Pooty, a turkish soap opera with a name I can’t pronounce (or type), and “fat daughter” (this one took me by surprise until I realized the site’s name is fat mogul and I talk about my daughter a lot, not that I talk about my daughter being fat).

Of course, none of these are incredibly highly sought out items on the internet…so…even those aren’t bringing much for traffic my way, and when they do, I’m guessing people actually don’t stay around for long, because I’m sure as hell not what their looking for.

I also find myself getting highlighted in spots where I really shouldn’t be…a recent article in which I talked about my hatred of social media and how I was doing since I had quit it was retweeted (which had to have been hard because I wasn’t on twitter anymore) by one of these self-proclaimed SEO/Social Media experts.  It made no sense.  Another recent article in which I talked about my hatred of queues got picked up by a Doctor Who news aggregator simply because I mentioned Doctor Who in the article.

And I would not be surprised if this article itself gets picked up by something similar as well simply because of the title.

In other words…although there is definitely some science behind all of this, most of it is a crap shoot.  What “internet marketing” really comes down to today, as far as I’ve found, is knowing your audience, and praying to God that they pass your stuff along to their friends.  And dedication…stick to it until someone who has an audience of their own finds your stuff and falls in love with it…maybe you’ll find success.

Or…like me…just really don’t give a crap and write whatever the hell’s on your mind at any given moment and have it relate in absolutely no way whatsoever to the actual product you’re peddling…

It’s worked for me!

Have fun out there!


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