Fat Mogul vs. Queues

4780_120844696437_7778936_nI should probably begin by clarifying that I’m not talking about the British “queue” here, in that I’m not (exactly) talking about lines…although, I’m really not a fan of lines either…and, well, technically these are a line…of sorts.  (I should also add that this article is not entirely about Netflix…although I may focus on it a tad much…)

No, I’m talking about the Netflix style of queue, in that, I really find myself hating having a whole bunch of things lined up for me to do, whether it be entertainment or actual tasks.  In fact…I find it moderately stressful knowing that I have X amount of things to complete, in any realm, as I’m a completist…and, well, yeah…it sucks knowing that you’re not anywhere near complete.

So, for example, Netflix.  I originally signed up for the service ages ago…not quite a decade, but quickly getting there.  At the time,  I was working at a retail establishment that had almost no foot traffic…which meant that I had plenty of time to just sit around and twiddle my thumbs.  As such, I spent a great deal of time going through lists and lists of movies and adding the items I wanted to watch to the Q (because that’s what it was called back then).  I soon found myself with over 300 items in my queue of DVDs that Netflix would be sending to me…300!  As such, I decided that if I ever wanted to make it through this list, realizing that there would always be new movies added to it as time goes on, I would probably have to up the ante to 3 discs at a time, meaning that Netflix would allow me to have up to 3 DVDs at my house at one time.

Fast forward almost a decade and I now have 3 separate DVD queues (one for me, one for me and my wife, one for me and my kids) as well as an instant watch queue… all four of which, added together, bring me to a grand total of 310 different items (as of this very moment)…almost a decade later, and my queue is not in any way noticeably smaller than it was at the start.  Now, to be fair, when I initially started, I didn’t include any television shows (and I’ve since decided to watch all episodes of Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Smallville).  I didn’t have kids, so I didn’t feel the need to introduce them to my childhood favorites (which would have never made it into my queue)…and…well, with my instant watch queue, I find myself adding almost anything that looks interesting, meaning that a bunch of it gets, at best, only 10 minutes watched.

I should also add that I’m nearing completion on Doctor Who and Star Trek, which will allow for many of the rest of the queue to fly past much faster.

But, at the same time…my queue is still, technically the same, although my personal queues (the ones that I really consider my own responsibility) are actually at only a mere 204. I consider that to be rather impressive, personally.  And that number is dropping precipitously, now that I’ve gotten most of the television shows out of my instant queue…

But I’m getting off track here.  You see, I have queues all around me.  There’s a pile of books sitting under my night stand right now, all items that I wish to be reading at the same time.  In fact, I just bought a book for myself for Valentine’s Day (long story) that I wish I were reading already, but then I think about the fact that there are many others that have been sitting in that pile for way too long that I’ve been eager to read as well…not to mention everything currently sitting on my kindle.

And, of course, there’s the long list of items on my “to-do” list.  My house is old, needs lots of love, and there’s always something for me to fix, improve, clean, whatever…That list does not get shorter….ever.

Just putting all of these things together on the same page makes my head spin a little…Funny enough, not all that much because of the things I should actually feel responsible for (like the above-mentioned “to-do” list), but just that there are so many things I wish to experience that I just never seem to have enough time for…oh yeah, that reminds me…my places to travel before I die list…it’s always growing as well.

But none of these lists compare, in any measure, to the list that sits on my hard drive in a little notepad/text file labeled “future projects.txt”.  At first glance, it may not seem all that much.  It’s not even 1000 words (just checked).  But, it also consists of mostly incredibly short thoughts about stories to tell…things that will work to remind me of greater ideas when I’m actually ready to return to them.  This doesn’t include things like the sequels I’m working on (outside of little title ideas), or the short stories I’m working on, or the serialized novel I’m working on…in fact, nothing within this text document right now is actually something in progress, but things I’d like to explore with future stories…things that I just don’t have the time to work on right now.

By far, the largest queue I have to work through is that of the stories I want to tell. The number of items on this list may not be all that large, compared to the others (it’s only 38 items at the moment, compared to the 311 items in my Netflix queue)…but will obviously take the longest to complete.  Now, I don’t want you to think that this will equal 38 separate stories.  Things that have actually been removed from this list have been items that have been compared with other stories.  The Agora Files ended up encapsulating one of my oldest ideas (second, actually, to Buddy Hero, believe it or not) and took a couple other items off the list as well, since it explores quite a few different things at the same time…although maybe not as fully as I had originally considered it.

The serialized novel I’m working on will probably end up taking on another couple (I’m pretty sure one of them is getting wrapped in there already).  Daddy of the Dead’s full anthology (tentatively called Stories of the Dead) will actually take out a number of these items.

But still…they don’t go away quickly…and there’s another 2 or three sitting on my phone that I need to transfer over to this list, as ideas pop into my head quite randomly throughout the day.  Some stay, some go, some get consolidated into others…but in the end, I have a ton of stories I want to tell.

And I hope you’ll all stick around to read them.

Speaking of which…I should get back to work.  Editing The Rise of the Fat Mogul at the moment and it’s shaping up to be a ton of fun, as well as giving away a lot more of the full story that I had initially considered.  Get excite!

Have fun out there!


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