I Love it When a Plan Comes Together!

HannibalAs a writer, I often find myself in places where I have a basic concept of what I want to do with something, which then usually gathers some details as it rolls about in my brain, but more often than not, it takes a moment of epiphany before I actually see how everything fits together in this puzzle I’ve created.

That moment is sweet.  All of a sudden, the rest of the story flies through my head as if it was the story I was trying to tell all along (which, being honest, it usually is, just never quite certain how to get all the pieces I want to fit, to fit).  Added details suddenly exist which make the tale all the more sweeter and I suddenly not only have a story on my hands, but a full-blown book.

That moment also, almost always, happens in the shower.

For instance, The Agora Files began as a very simple concept, a concept which could be told by giving you the working title for the book itself, “RUN”.  That’s really all I knew about it.  I wanted to write this action-focused tale that really just had the idea of running across a multitude of locales.  There were a few additional ideas I had in mind, but that was, truthfully it.

Then I took a shower.

All of a sudden, I had character ideas all figured out,  I had world history developed, and I even knew how it all would end (which I’ve yet to reveal in written form).  Suddenly the whole world of this story that I had very little idea about became much much more than just this little running stick figure.

Now, I’m not trying to pretend that it was easy going from that point, but, well, it was a whole lot easier than Buddy was, which never had quite that style of epiphany.  In fact, the original draft of THE AGORA FILES took only a month to write.  Part of that was forced dedication to the task, but another part of it was just that the Muses were with me, pushing me along with more than enough ideas that I quickly found that this book that was supposed to just be one standalone title, would require at least 2, probably 3 books to tell the story the way I wanted.  My text file of basic thoughts regarding book 2 alone is incredibly large, considering the notes are often nothing more than just “what if we had Cyrus end up in [insert crazy location here]”.

This morning, I just so happened to have the requisite epiphany for the sequel to THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO, THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL.  Interestingly enough, the first draft of FAT MOGUL is complete, and the epiphany doesn’t actually change much that occurs.  What it does change is what all of that means.  In other words, in the last few pages of THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL, you’ll receive a revelation that will change your view on how Buddy’s world works…a revelation that I always had in mind, but couldn’t think of how to put it all together…and now that I have, well, I’ve got quite the grin on my face about putting it into action.

In fact, this revelation is so perfect, in my mind, that it’s affecting how I’m thinking about the third book in the series (which, if I haven’t told you the title of that sucker, it’s currently titled, THE RETURN OF KID ZERO).

It’s these moments that writers tend to wait and pray for (well, these and the moment where some publisher offers them tons of money to continue writing, I suppose).  I’m feeling quite blessed about the whole thing.

So…yeah, all that really means is that I have to get back to writing.  First, to finish DADDY OF THE DEAD, which I’m writing, right now (well, right after I hit the publish button on this post), the end game for this story that is much longer than its supposed to be.  I’ve also had a few epiphanies regarding how to get this story back under my control…pretty excited to get this one done and out into the world.

Alrighty, I’m out.

Have fun out there!


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