Family and Friend Discounts!!!

The Agora Files coverWhen I initially began writing my first book, I had some amazing delusions of grandeur.  No, I don’t mean that I thought I was going to be the next J.K. Rowling, although I found myself trying to use her first book as a bit of inspiration during my early days of writing.  I mean that I assumed the second my book was done, people would be clamoring to publish it for me.  I assumed that I would get, at the very least, $5000 as my up front royalty advance.  And my plan at that point was to buy up as many books as I could with those $5000 so as to up my best seller ranking or whatever.

And, of course, then I would have $5000 worth of my books to give away to all my family and friends.

Because, you see, it was never my intention to attempt to make money off of those I know and love.  Why should I make all of you pay for my books when, well, let’s be honest, all you’re really going to be doing (most of you anyways) is seeing how crazy that guy you went to high school really got after he got old.

But, of course, things didn’t work out quite the way the naive version of writer-me imagined it (which I never truly believed it would).  And…when it came time to publish for real, well, after putting the money into all the things that need money in order to publish, I found myself in a need to make some money back.  You see, although I may have made a whopping $40 in royalties for 2013, that doesn’t really match up to all the money I’ve invested into the process.  It’s, to be completely honest, not too far away, but, well, yeah…I’m still technically writing off my writing career.

But that’s not a complaint…in fact, it’s just a pathetic excuse for the limited fashion in which I’ve done the giveaway thing to my family and friends. I mean, if anyone asked for a book, ebook or paperback, I’d generally just order and/or hand them a copy, no money required.

Of course…this can get rather expensive when we’re talking about paperbacks, as, well, I don’t get them for free…unfortunately.  I’m not whining.  I’m totally cool with giving away a copy or 20.  In fact, I’ve got an extra set on the way to my house right now with the intention of being loaners (as I’m now forced to retire the buying my books for my friends anti-promotion).

But…I’ve never made it official, this, you’re my friend and/or family (I think most of my family are also my friends, but who knows…) discount that I’ve been doing for quite some time, and many of my family members (as well as a few of my non-family member friends) have dished out the cash for something I would have given them for free…which I certainly appreciate.  But hell, even Kohl’s has a family and friend discount (available on certain weekends and certain territories).  Why shouldn’t I?

So…here it is, the official announcement of my family and friend discount.

If you are here, we’re going to assume you’re either a family member or a friend (or both?).  If you’re not and couldn’t tell me from Adam (see what I did there?), I don’t care, take advantage of this like you would anything else from your Groupon newsletter (do people still use groupon?).

From here until whenever (possibly forever, but who knows what will happen when the zombies come), both The Agora Files and The Legend of Buddy Hero are for sale as paperbacks for as cheap as I can get them for you (without buying them for you myself and giving them to you for free).

Just follow the below links and use coupon code E49CMNYD when you check out and you’ll get a whopping $8.00 off the cover price.  Granted, this isn’t Amazon or anything, so you’re still gonna be paying for shipping, but this is as cheap as I can even get them, since you’re buying it directly from the folks who print them for me.

The Agora Files

The Legend of Buddy Hero

But if $7 + shipping is too rich for your blood, there are always ebooks available, which I will readily give you for free…just shoot me an e-mail and let me know what format you’re looking for and I’ll hook you up.

So, basically…if you know me, I love you and want to hook you up and am more than willing to do so in almost whatever way possible.  And honestly, I don’t need anything in return.  Of course, if you want to return the favor somehow, I wouldn’t be opposed to you leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads, or, you know, at the very least, telling every single person you know how awesome your author friend is at words.

So…that’s it.  Do with it as you will.  I just want you to know that I have no intention of making my fortune off the backs of my friends and family.

Have fun out there!


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