Fat Mogul vs. Social Media, Part 2

im-backJust over a month ago I announced my departure from the social media outlets of Facebook and Twitter, to be effective as of January 7th, 2014…not quite a month ago.

In the past month, I’ve found that it is almost entirely difficult to exist without Facebook in the world of today.  On more than a number of occasions, when looking for information from businesses and other, I’ve been directed to go to Facebook to get the info, only to find that I can’t even view these business Facebook pages without a Facebook account.  That can be more than a little frustrating and should, probably, be a note to businesses whose primary online presence is merely on Facebook…even if you aren’t limiting who can see things, you may be limiting who can see things.

It’s more than a little annoying to have to ask my wife to get me the information through her account, or, you know, sneak off to her phone, kindle, or laptop, to get the information myself.

Needless to say that each time this occurs, I’ve found myself instantly wanting to reactivate my Facebook account, craving the ability to have access to everything immediately, but then feeling guilty that I wasn’t able to even make it a month before caving to the monster that is the big blue.

Luckily Twitter is much more open and, well, I’ve never really fallen into deep use of it outside of trying to figure out what might be going on in the world at any given moment.

But Facebook…

Now, I don’t want you to go off thinking that I’ve spent every day since I closed my account agonizing about how much I miss the site.  In fact, most of the time I’ve barely noticed it.  Sure, there’s been the issue where I pull out my phone looking for something to waste some time with, or the above mentioned business info issue, or when I want to contact someone in a way I know they’ll see, or whatever.  However, those things have occurred much less than I had expected they would, other than the whole business info thing…have I mentioned how annoying that is?

All the same, it is with great tail-between-legs that I announce that I have returned to the great book of faces.  I have determined that the reasons for getting rid of it have been outshined by the issues with not having it.  However, I will be modifying how I use the site.  I won’t be keeping up any Facebook pages (for the foreseeable future anyways) as it was just annoying to have two different versions of me.  I won’t hesitate to block the ability to see updates from people who can me to get enraged for whatever reason.  And, of course, I will limit my usage of the site in general to a bare minimum, as the site just sucked too much time with me doing absolutely nothing.

Soo…if you notice I’m back…it’s because I am.  Of course, seeing as I’ve already gone back on my resolution for the year, maybe I’ll change my mind once again in another month…

Have fun out there!


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