Fat Mogul vs. Mooooondays

serious case of the mondays

I like Garfield and all, but there is generally a disagreement between me and him about Mondays.  I rather like Mondays.  Although I appreciate the hell out of my weekends, there’s something about the return to routine that is Monday morning that is somewhat relaxing.  Even with my supreme distaste for my current job, I find myself ready to return to the comfort that is my desk, after spending the weekend running around like there’s no tomorrow.

However, there does come a Monday every month or so, where it feels as though that sense of comfort has completely disappeared, where although I tried my hardest to enjoy my weekend to its fullest, I still return from it feeling as though it should be just a little bit longer….

Today is one of those days.

Now, to be completely honest, I don’t really like Mondays.  But my dislike for Mondays is actually less that the rest of the week, all because of that weird concept of getting back to the norm.  So, it’s not really all that odd for every fifth or sixth Monday to be a ‘case of the Mondays’.  It just happens.  And when you have the two most amazingest kids in the whole wide world that you don’t get to see during the course of the work week…well, how could you not have a certain dread for Mondays?

So…today’s one of the not so great Mondays.  There’s no real reason why, it just is.

I’m not all that sad about it or anything, just been busy, which is why you haven’t seen anything on this space until well after the normal posting time.  It’s been busy, tiresome, and just so happens to be Monday.

And, just like this post, this Monday has gone on for long enough.  Luckily for you, this post will end in a matter of a couple sentences.  Luckily for me, Monday’s officially over in just one hour (as I consider after-work to be little weekends)

So, on this case of the Mondays, I just wish to say to all of you… I hope you’ve been much more productive than I’ve been, as I haven’t been able to get on top of anything in my to-do pile.

Have fun out there!


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