Fat Mogul vs. Updates – January 2014 Edition

30819-Firefox-Update-funny-oXlmI honestly have so little to talk about today that I sat here for a while writing things that were completely dumb before realizing that I hadn’t given you folks an update in a while.  And since those are things that people like, sometimes, I figured I’d should give it.

So, first things first…there are no updates.

To be completely honest, I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said on here about my pending projects.  I’ve had a few things that have come up which I’ve used as an excuse to delay writing, but, as is always the case, were just excuses.  I’m still really excited about the projects that are in the active pipeline, but, well…I don’t know.  I’ve been delaying.

Daddy of the Dead – the zombie story about a father just trying to get back to his daughter, has been taking on a bit more of a life than I had expected it to. The initial idea for the story was to be a short story.  I’m currently at the 10,000 word mark and still haven’t actually gotten away from the opening of the story.  I still don’t intend for this to be a full novel, but don’t be surprised if I have to start throwing the word novella around with regards to this one.

The Rise of the Fat Mogul – the sequel to The Legend of Buddy Hero, is in the part of the process where I read through it to see what things I think might have been missed in the initial writing process.  I can say that I’m still really excited about where this story is going, but it’s going to need a lot of love to make it ready for release.  Don’t have much more to add about that at this point.

A Time to Shill – the intended serialized novel told from the perspective of a conman’s sidekick as they get trapped in the past, has gone absolutely nowhere.  I had intended to complete the Daddy of the Dead story quickly and get back to this one, but since Daddy has taken longer than expected, this one’s still awaiting attention.  I’m hoping to have a better idea by the start of next week regarding this project, but it all depends on what happens with the story in Daddy.

The Agora Files sequel – …okay, so, I’ve never actually mentioned this on here in any official capacity.  For those of you who have read the original novel, it’s quite apparent that the book is not a standalone.  It’s also apparent that the folks who have read the first book are quite anxious to see the second one.  I can’t say I’ve officially started anything on this one, but this project runs around in my head almost constantly.  I know the story as it goes from here, the only issue is I’ve got a few ideas on how I want to tell the story that may stray a bit from convention…and I’m not quite certain how they’ll pan out.  So, for now, I’m mentally working through some structure issues, but this is a project I’m quite eager to get back to.

Those are, of course, only the projects that are on the top of the pile.  I’ve got several more that I really want to get started on, but just don’t have the time for.  However, I’m making the promise to you here that I will do all I can to ensure that these continue to move forward much more expediently.  I need these stories out of my head, and I’d love to get them into your hands.

In other, non-writing, news, I’ve created a new group on Goodreads for folks to hang out on.  It’s a great spot to come and ask your questions about my books, see and comment on what I’m currently reading, as well as to just talk about whatever might be on your mind.  It’s starting up a little slowly, as to be expected, but is shaping up to be a ton of fun, especially once I find a bit more time to really get those little pieces together.  You can find the group here: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/123769-chat-with-author-adam-oster

Also, in happy news, Buddy’s starting to get some love in Germany! http://www.amazon.de/product-reviews/B00C4VHP4W/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1  This review can already be seen as getting Buddy further attention in Germany, as he’s rising in the sales ranks over there as we speak.  Pretty exciting stuff.

And I honestly can’t think of much else that would be of any interest to you folks.  Things are happening over here in Fat Mogul HQ, even if they’re happening a bit slower than I’d like.

Have fun out there!


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