To Promote the Arts!

TIL DEATH DO US PARTSo, first bit of warning…today’s gonna be a two-fer, as I realized last night that I had completely forgotten to do any form of official pimping for the show I’m doing at the ECCT this weekend and next.  This is really lame of me, because it’s already too late to get tickets for this weekend (unless they’ve extended it…I’m not certain because facebook wants me to have an account to look… but I’d doubt it since there’s food involved and all that jazz but if you’re interested it never hurts to call and ask and I really want to continue this run on sentence, but I’ve run out of things to add.)

Anyhoo, do you like weddings?  Do you like murder?  Do you like completely contrived and cheesy sexual innuendo?  Then come see me at the Oxford Theater in Eau Claire January 17th, 18th, 24th, and 25th where you’ll be given the opportunity to enjoy all of those things AND MORE!

That’s right, folks, food, drinks, and laughs are to be had at this fantastic event that even the most reserved of us are certain to enjoy.

Go check out the information at the ECCT site and you can get yourself some tickets right online.  I’ll even be wearing an incredibly form-fitting leisure suit….



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