Fat Mogul vs LASERS!!!! Part 3

I won't lie.  I seriously had this listed in my mental list of reasons to go through with it
I won’t lie. I seriously had this listed in my mental list of reasons to go through with it

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So, it’s been a little over a month since I had lasers shot into my eyes like a vaporizing dot matrix printer and I bet all of you are asking the same thing I ask myself.  Am I happy with the decision?


You see, I frequently find myself completely forgetting that I had the procedure done.  I mean, I live my life pretty similarly to how I did before.  However, there are things that happen that cause me to remember, things like putting on sunglasses when it gets bright out, attempting to push up my (old, not sun) glasses to get something off my eye, those random attempts at pushing glasses up on my nose, reaching for my glasses on my nightstand as I wake up in the morning, and so on.  When I remember, I suddenly feel disappointed in myself for not thinking of how amazing it is that I no longer need glasses on a more frequent basis.

I mean…it’s expensive.  You’d think I’d remember it a bit more than I do.

But then I realized that the fact that I don’t think about the fact that I had surgery on a regular basis, you know, unless I’m doing something that I had done for the 20 years before I got my eyes fixed, means that my eyes are actually fixed.  I’m not constantly re-wetting them because of them being dry, my night-vision is no longer atrocious, I can focus in on small things easily, they don’t tire quickly when reading, the shifts in vision are barely existent, and so on.  My vision is basically back to where it was before I had surgery…only difference is, I’m not wearing glasses to get it there.  (and…actually…my vision’s still a bit better than it was).

Of course, the question is still out there whether or not it’s truly worth it; if the thousands of dollars spent fixing your eyes actually feels worth not having to deal with the seemingly miniscule issues that glasses and/or contacts have.  I still ask myself this on a rather regular basis.  I mean, the image above is one that does come into play, to some degree, in my book.  If, for whatever reason (zombies or not…) the current infrastructure were to collapse and there were suddenly no more malls in which to go and get new glasses from…I’d be in pretty bad shape.  Sure, I don’t need to replace my glasses all that often, but seriously, if I did need them replaced, I would have to do a lot more than just loot the local 1-hour lens shop because of my (previous) eyesight.

However, crazy future fears aside, I’ll admit, there are only a few things that really change all that drastically.  For me, swimming is one.  Of course…when I went swimming in the (heavily chlorinated) pool at the YMCA a week or so ago, my vision went out for a number of hours.  Not completely, but definitely got a little too wonky.  Part of this is that I was swimming earlier than I really should have, per the given discharge paperwork.  I hope that it’s not something that continues.  But yeah, in the past, swimming was something that I either had to do blind, or with my glasses on.  Contacts didn’t handle well under water (even with goggles) and I just couldn’t see.  This has become more of an important issue now that I’m teaching my kids to swim.

But I haven’t come up with much better than that.  There are a lot of things that I love about it, like actually wearing sunglasses (although I need new ones), not having them fog up coming in from the cold, or in front of a steaming pot, or in the multitude of other places glasses tend to do so, not having to clean them constantly, not losing them during the night and having to hunt for them in the morning, not having to feel as though my face is constantly hidden behind them, and I could quite honestly go on.

So, for me, I do believe the procedure was worth the cost and have been more happy with the decision as time goes on.  For you?  No clue.  It’s definitely something that rides sits on the fence of being worth it, at best.

I can say, however…if the zombie apocalypse does come around, one of the first things to fall will be the LASIK economy.  Glasses can be made without electricity…lasers, on the other hand…

I’m pretty sure this will be the last in this series.  However, if you have any additional questions for me about my thoughts on it all, definitely contact me at adam@fatmogul.com.  I’d love to help you make your decision.  I also have the ability to get you a little bit of money off, if you hit up the same chain of laser shooters I did.

Alrighty then, I’m out.  Have fun out there!


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