Fat Mogul vs “Fat Mogul vs. Social Media”

Beautifully put comic from IT Underworld.  Click the pic for more from them.
Beautifully put comic from IT Underworld. Click the pic for more from them.

Update: Immediately following the publishing of this post, I found that leaving Facebook caused me to lose over half of the phone numbers in my cell phone, including ones that should have been in there without FB, like my father’s… (I have many of them back now through the use of magic)

Alright, folks…it’s been all of a week (not even 😦 ) since I gave up my attachment to social media (well…facebook and twitter anyways) and I’m already finding myself battling against the idea quite heavily.

I mean…do you have any clue how much information can be gleaned through facebook that becomes almost non-existent if you aren’t there?  You know, things like, hey, I wonder if that person I know who’s reading my book likes it, or, I should check to see if those guys are going out to the roller skating rink today as well, because it would be cool to see them, or…well, you get it.

Now, sure, I could cheat and hack into my wife’s account and get all of this information pretty easily (in most cases anyways), but, well, you know…that’s cheating.

However, this little experiment in giving up the time wasters that are twitter and facebook have proven one very important thing to me.  Facebook is the source of pretty much every piece of knowledge I have on pretty much anyone.  And most of that is all but inaccessible if you don’t have an account…and even if it is accessible, almost every button press on the site causes it to go to a screen telling you to log in without giving you any other options on how to move forward.

Twitter has always been a great option for finding useful information about things like whether the power is out for other people, or whether charter’s down, or, you know, if Netflix isn’t working.  It’s not as easy to do these searches without an account, but still more than available.  Also, nothing has gone down in the week since I’ve cut that cord, so…you know, I haven’t really had the need, other than to spy on a couple folks who may or may not be reading my books at the moment 😉  (I’m mostly joking here…I’m not that stalker-y)

I’ve never really gotten into Twitter much anyways.  It requires one to really spend time on there building a base of people based on how clever, informative, or special you are to really get much out of it.  I spent enough time on there just stalking, I can’t imagine how much time would be lost if I actually tried to be any one of those things.  But Facebook…I mean, I’ve got a lot of friends and family on there, as well as a few ‘fans’.  It’s a great way to get some quick validation.  I take pictures and feel weird that I don’t have hundreds of people to share them with immediately.  I want to talk about how I’m finally watching The Dark Knight Rises, but my wife just tells me, “Yeah, I know, I’m right here watching it with you.”  I want to share videos, but, well, actually, my kids love Youtube, so that hasn’t really changed all that much.

It’s frightening to think of how much of my life had a social media connection, even though I was definitely on the minimalist scale of social media usage.  Sure, some still tell me how it’s “my funeral” with regards to my writing career because I dropped the social medias.  I’m happy to say that this past week has been one of my best sales weeks in months (even better than the release week for Agora Files).  This was due to a few different happy things occurring at the same time, things that were rather random and whatnot, but still…I’m a week out and still alive.  I’ve even got one or two other irons in the fire that I’m waiting to see how they pan out which could help stoke things along even further.

We’ll see.

But all this really comes down to is the fact that I have been missing my social media, but almost strictly because I miss stalking people, and that causes me to have even more concern about myself.  I need to just start picking up the phone and calling people or something to figure this stuff out.  Heck, even e-mail, right?

Anyways…that’s my update.  I miss it and I’ve had a few attempts at relapsing, but honestly, my resolve keeps growing as time goes on.  We’ll see how it feels after another week or so…

Alrighty, I’m out.  Have fun out there!


2 Replies to “Fat Mogul vs “Fat Mogul vs. Social Media””

  1. They don’t make gum or a patch to help with quitting social media? If not, someone needs to invent that. I’m impressed with your self discipline. I don’t know that I could make it more than a couple hours without seeing what’s “going on in the world”—let alone a week. Power to you.

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