Book Review: An Eagle’s Heart by Scott Butcher

20419047Just as a note, I did receive an advanced copy of this book from the publisher with the idea that I would put up a review on my blog and whatnot.  However, my enjoyment of this title had absolutely nothing to do with this fact.

An Eagle’s Heart by Scott Butcher

When I first came across this book, back when it was titled after one of the more central characters in the story, THE MERLIN FALCON, I was instantly enamoured with Scott Butcher’s ability to characterize the avian community in such a regal, yet real-feeling manner.  I found myself wanting to read through the entirety in one sitting, then, however, due to some form of distraction, as is often the case, I didn’t.

That was one of the early drafts of this tale of honor, however, and I was lucky enough to be approached by Butcher’s publisher to get to review the final version, which was released just this week!

First thing to note, this book is a quick read.  My kindle told me it would take me about 2 hours to read the whole thing.  It was pretty darn accurate.  Second, this is a book written with children as its intended audience, meaning there’s very few difficult words or phrases to slow you down.  Thirdly, Butcher puts together a novel that manages to capture your attention from the word GO and makes it very difficult to put down, which is quite obvious from the fact that it took me a little over a day to get through the 110 pages of bird-filled awesomeness.

I’m being completely honest when I say I can’t recommend this title enough.  Butcher’s voice is amazing as he jumps from falcons, eagles, chickadees, and an old man (who may perhaps just happen to be the voice of the author for this story).  Each species feels as though there is a rich history of tradition that they have followed since time immemorial.  And this tradition seems to motivate each and every action throughout the book, creating a feeling of being involved in something much more epic than appears to the old man and his family, something that would change how the world itself works.

Simply put, Butcher has put together a simple story of redemption and being true to one’s self, all wrapped up in a very imaginative tale of honor that strikes right to the heart of every reader…I suppose you could call it the “eagle’s heart”….too on the nose?

Here’s the goodreads page for An Eagle’s Heart, followed by the link for Amazon.  Seriously, go read this thing.  It’s more than worth the money.


12 Replies to “Book Review: An Eagle’s Heart by Scott Butcher”

  1. Amazing Review, Adam – well written and thoughtful and all that jazz… i, too, wondered if the old man was the author, he denies it still – saying something like “well close, but not exactly” – but… it’s him… i know it.

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