Fat Mogul vs 2014

DSC_0310Well, I’ve been teasing it for a while, but I realized just yesterday that we entered the new year and I still haven’t announced any of my upcoming releases…you know, the projects that are currently taking up all of my writing time.

So, I thought I’d talk about what I did yesterday instead… ūüėČ

Actually, I will talk about yesterday for a second, then on to the announcements.

First, a preface…my parents live in South Carolina, I live in Wisconsin. ¬†We don’t see each other nearly enough. ¬†My kids, I feel, require as much face time with their grandparents as possible. ¬†So, since my parents were in town for a week (ending yesterday)…I haven’t really seen much of my kids the last week…and when I have, they’ve been just plain exhausted. ¬†However, knowing of their exhaustion, me and my wife decided to take my parents up on the idea of spending New Year’s Eve, and the following Day, in and around the Mall of America. ¬†The MoA promised a moonlight circus in the big amusement park area, and overall, we thought it might be a nice option to get away from all the necessary cleaning of the house and whatnot (that still awaits me…).

It was great. ¬†In fact, finally tried out Buca di Beppo, and it was amazing. ¬†And we overall had a ton of fun. ¬†I spent yesterday evening riding home in a quiet car with my incredibly sleepy family and just feeling content with where life had led me. ¬†A fantastic way to ring in the new year, if you ask me…of course, when we finally got home and had to do the dinner/bedtime thing, everything went to hell, but still, a pretty happy time.

But, now the world is back to normal, I’m back to the normal work day (and wishing I could find away from this desk…), as is my wife, and my kids are back at daycare/school. ¬†The new year, right now, is feeling an awful lot like the old year, except I’m spending a lot of time telling myself NOT to check facebook before the impending social media apocalypse (only for me, your social media is still okay).

So, dreams are required…

As such, I’ve got three projects that are my current priorities…although there’s one additional one that I’m hoping to add into the mix as well.

#1 ¬†Daddy of the Dead (working title). ¬†My first real attempt at taking on the zombie genre, filled with the anxieties of fatherhood. ¬†I’m only a couple thousand words into this intended short story and I’m already loving writing in this genre. ¬†There’s just something so awesome about setting the mood and creating horrible puzzles that have to be solved that is shaping up to be a lot of fun. ¬†Of course, I’m also putting a ton of myself into this one. ¬†I’m hoping to get a first draft of this sucker done within a couple weeks, life-depending.

#2. ¬†A Time to Shill (also a working title). ¬†I had actually started on this one immediately following the release of The Agora Files, intending to get it done in record time, but got sidetracked by a couple other items, mostly falling under the heading of LIFE. ¬†This is a serialized novel based on the incredibly simple concept of putting a con man into the dark ages. ¬†The serial will be split down the various stages of the scam, but will ultimately ask the question of “Who’s scamming who?”

#3. ¬†The Right to Liberty. ¬†This one has actually not begun, but it’s one I’ve been developing in the back of my mind for quite some time and just recently figured out how to fit all the pieces together. ¬†My next original novel, it will be a rather whimsical tale about one man’s attempt to renounce his citizenship, while staying within his childhood home. ¬†Right now, when thinking about where this title will be heading, I can’t help but think of The Mouse that Roared, if you’re having a hard time grasping the concept.

As noted, there’s one other project I’m itching to get completed as soon as possible, one which many of you have been clamouring for…the sequel to THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO. ¬†The first draft of THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL has been sitting on my hard drive for months now, awaiting me to get back to it. ¬†I plan on putting as much time into editing this sucker in between these other writing projects as possible, aiming for an early spring release.

In fact, I should add that I intend to have all of these projects ready for public consumption before the ground thaws here in Wisconsin. ¬†That’s a heckuva lot of new content for all of you, and I’ll be the first to admit that there are always possibilities for delay. ¬†However, I’m dedicated to getting as much of this stuff out of my brain as possible, because as long as it’s in there, I have a hard time sleeping ūüôā

Alrighty, as you’re now aware, I’m pretty darn busy, so I should probably get back to it.

Have fun (and stay warm) out there!


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