Fat Mogul vs. Social Media

The Joy of Tech, being brilliant as always
The Joy of Tech, being brilliant as always

Today marks the end of yet another year, beginning a time of resolve.  As with previous years, I’ve never been too big on resolutions.  I’m always trying to better myself, doing so merely because a new year has begun seems to never really work out.  Instead, the constant struggle to reach perfection should be, well, constant.  If you notice something about yourself you don’t like, start that very moment, and each moment following that moment that you continue to notice something about yourself you don’t like.

Sure, there will be falters along the way, but, just do it, that’s my general mantra.

Well, this year, I’ve decided to go the route of resolution, the path of setting a date in the future in which I will cut something out of my life.  As of January 7th, 2014, I will be cutting my ties with the social media, well, namely, Twitter and Facebook.  I’ll stick with Goodreads….for now…

Why wait, you may ask.  Honestly, I’ve asked myself that for quite some time.  I’ve wanted to leave these services (and in the case of Twitter, have left) many times over the years since I’ve initially signed up for them.  I stuck with Facebook initially so I’d have an easy way to share kid pictures with my parents, and then because I was peer pressured into believing it was an important part of being an author.  There are many other ways to share pictures…and, well…social media has absolutely nothing to do with being an author outside of shameless self-promotion, which I am not too keen on.  However, I do recognize that some of you rely on these services as your way of keeping up with what’s going on in the fatmogul world,  even though they do little more than serve as a feed for this site.  I’m going to keep the accounts open for the next week to allow for as many folks as possible to see that the change is coming and utilize one of the alternative options for keeping up to date as outlined below.

Why leave, some of you may ask.  The most simple answer is simply that it is a giant waste of my time.  Too often do I find myself grabbing my phone and absentmindedly scrolling through the recent updates of my friends only to find out that I’ve spent the last 10 minutes completely ignoring the rest of the world and have nothing to show for it, except possibly outrage at something completely inconsequential (see yesterday’s post)

Alright, so you’ve actually made it this far and still care.  Awesome.  So, you’re wondering about this site and how you’ll keep up to date and all that jazz.  Well, I’ll admit that if you’re of the kind that likes to use Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date on your favorite artists, any options I have for you may not be the greatest.  I personally think that using an RSS reader is one of the best way to keep current on any of your favorite websites, but I fully understand how difficult it can be to add new technology to the mix (even if RSS outdates FB/Twitter).

But, there is something!  Okay, exclamation points are probably not so imperative there… anyways, if you visit this site on non-mobile devices, you’ve possibly noticed a couple of spots in which to enter your e-mail address.  That’s right, you can get me right inside your very own inbox.  There’s even two different options for how to get me.  If you’re one of those folks who really only care about when I release a new book (because, let’s be honest, why read the rest of my drivel?) then all you need to do is enter your e-mail address here: https://fatmogul.com/email/  There have only been 2 e-mails ever sent out for this newsletter option, and even those almost didn’t happen because of my inability to remember that I should attempt to tell people about what I’m doing…meaning, don’t worry about getting too much in your inbox if you sign up for that one.

If, however, you really like reading my (almost) daily rambles, there’s still an option for you to get me into your inbox as well by just going to the left of the page (if you’re non-mobile, bottom if you’re mobile) and finding the box that says “Subscribe to Blog via Email”.  This dealie here will send you an e-mail for every thing I post on here.  I have a few people to swear by it, although there have been some issues with gmail in the past.

As far as contacting me directly…well, many of you have my phone number and I have absolutely no interest in posting that here, but you can always contact me at adam@fatmogul.com and I’ll be more that willing to chat.

I’ll be sticky-ing this info for a while just to make sure you all know how to keep up.

Have fun out there!


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