Fat Mogul vs. Claire C Riley (The Monster Queen)

NOTE: Before we get started, I should probably add a bit of information that’s not well laid out below.  Claire’s newest book, Odium Origins, is on sale, starting today!, at Amazon.com for your fancy new e-reader you got for Christmas  I haven’t had the opportunity to read this book from this amazing author yet, but I can assure you that I’ve had the pleasure of reading much of her work, and have yet to be disappointed.   Also…let me know your thoughts on this format for interviews.  It’s weird, I know.

Before we begin, announce yourself!

1533114_10153671922170118_438186312_nI am Little Red Riley, and you will FEAR ME!

Perfect.  As you’ve been briefed, this is a completely unfair fight in which your enemy has the final say in everything, even how you answer the brutal questions before you (which he, of course, would never do 😉 ).   This is your final chance, fair Queen.  Do you dare take on the mighty wit of the Fat Mogul?

Please…I have no fear of this so called Fat Mogul.

Mighty strong words for one who has yet to face this unconventional battle.  

Round 1.  Quick, name the best monster and how you would defeat it using only your hands and an assortment of office supplies!

Zombie. Head shot with a stapler. But not one of those puny staplers, I’m talking one of those real big industrial staplers.

Interesting choice. I’ll let the readers decide for themselves how they believe that decision would work out for you.

Round 2.  A knight is only as good as his blacksmith.  As a wordsmith, you are left to your own devices.  Display your prowess by eloquently stating in 7 words or less, the reason we should read your newest work of vocabulary genius.  Be quick now, girl!

Fear the Dead, and read my book!

Round 3.  And who, perchance, do you believe would have interest in reading such literature?  This does not appear to be mere peasant fare.

Any person who has good taste in fine literature. A lover, shall we say, of, fine wines, smelly cheese, and someone who welcomes the end of days to master their own skill in the fine arts of zombie slaying.

Round 4.  You’ve wielded this weapon before.  Any words you’d like to add about the series that paved the road for this selection, or those that shall come after?

1491172_10153671922165118_1331202588_nThe zombies are coming, and the end is nigh. So dust off your samurai and machete’s, as stealth will be required to survive the surrounding dead. If it’s dark humor you require to help you to swallow the stench of the dead as you battle, then look no further than Odium Origins or indeed Odium my friends. High emotions, and plenty of gore, a group of survivors will need to find each other to survive.

The future is bold, as our lead Nina struggles to endure what the dystopian landscape throws at her. With friends and a lover and her biting sarcasm by her side, she may just make it long enough to stay on this crazy ride. There’s more, fear not my words, fear only the dead, because they are coming…oh yes, they are coming for more. The end is coming for some, but others will not be so lucky, a second and a third, who knows maybe a fourth, I’ll write it if you read it, you bring the popcorn and I’ll bring the gore.

Round 5. The end of battle is nigh, but now comes the dawn.  Choose the item closest to you and prepare for direct combat.  (you know the drill…tell us what’s next to you and how you’d use it to take out your enemy…)

A fruit bowl! Ha! B

eware, this banana is ripe, long and pointy and my apples are hard. The juice of a lemon and orange in your eye? No? Then perhaps a fruit bowl to the face would suffice?


I’ll admit, my expectations 

were not high that you would be able to come out of this battle unscathed.  However, I believe you have proven your merit as a warrior.  As such, you shall be given free range here to tell us anything more about you and your book that we would need to know.  

If you think you’d like to read more then come stalk me on any of my links, and contact me. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ramblings.

Little Red Riley aka Claire C Riley











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