Fat Mogul vs. Holidays

Don’t let the title fool you, I love the holidays.  In fact, next week is entirely holiday fun for me, no work to mess things up.  However, holidays also mean that I’m separated from my computer much more than usual, meaning that there ain’t gonna be much happening in this space for the next couple weeks.

So, I thought I’d give you a quick little update before I all but disappear.

UPDATE: The Osters are having a mighty fine winter so far.  This weekend meant we went crazy with the wintry festivities.  Me and my daughter went out and caught a showing of Scrooge put on by the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre, the whole family did a nice bout of sledding (on a real hill this year!), and we caught the night time Christmas parade right here in downtown Eau Claire (which of course meant having all of us complaining about frozen limbs and faces because it was freezing out there, but still a lot of fun, especially with the fireworks going off in between floats).  We followed all of that up by cozying altogether on the couch under some blankets as we thawed and ate some pizza while watching the first half of Home Alone.

Holidays have officially started here.  The lights are up, the snow is falling(and my snow blower’s busted).  Almost all of the Christmas shopping has been done.  All that’s left is a little bit of shipping and a whole bunch of fun.

In case I don’t get back on here to say it before they come about…happy holidays to all.  And..most importantly…Have fun out there!


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