Fat Mogul vs. Frozen

downloadMy son has finally reached the age where he is capable of sitting through a feature length film in an actual movie theater.  This gets me excited because, well, I like watching movies.  I mean, we watch a lot of movies at home and whatnot, but I love the silver screen.  Just down the hill from us is the cheapo movie theater which used to be my normal Tuesday night hangout.

So, the last couple weeks we’ve made it out to catch a few flicks and my daughter got to choose this past week’s film, which she, unsurprisingly, chose Disney’s new princess flick, Frozen.  Although we dig the Disney films in general, I really hadn’t had too much interest in this movie.  It seemed to be ripping off Tangled while bringing in Josh Gad for the comic relief, who had traditionally been too over the top for me.

Even when I began seeing the glowing reviews coming in, I still just thought it looked too much like another generic computer-animated flick that was made on as low of a budget as possible while making sure to meet every single trend they could.

Aaaand…perhaps some of that is true, but in the end, I really enjoyed this movie.  The music didn’t really hold up to the standards I have for the company from movies like Aladdin, Little Mermaid, or even Princess and the Frog, but the songs weren’t horrible, just bland, which is sad considering the inclusion of Idina Menzel in the cast.

Josh Gad actually managed to be relatively endearing.  Maybe that’s because they didn’t put the entirety of the story on his shoulders, such as in other things I’ve seen him in like 1600 Penn or Back to You (which unfortunately overlooked Ty Burrell).

But the true winner here is all about the story.  The Snow Queen, the Hans Christian Anderson fairy this flick is based on, is a story that folks have been trying to adapt for the screen for ages, but just hasn’t made it.  I believe that this is a situation where they fully succeeded.  Sure, they took some liberties with the original storyline, but I think they kept it true to the initial concept.  And, overall, they told a story that worked.  The penultimate scene actually had several of the little girls in the theater scream out in terror.  It was well played.  The ‘bad guy’, or you know, girl, was a deep character who really wasn’t bad at all.  In fact, she stole the show in my daughter’s eyes.

If you’re questioning whether or not to catch this flick, I can definitely suggest it.  It might not be quite the required big screen viewing, but it’s a fantastic family movie, even if the advertisements make it seem like basic drivel.  It’s got an amazing storyline with some real characters, even if one of them is an animated snow man.

One reason to see this in the theater, however, is to catch the Mickey Mouse short that plays beforehand called Get a Horse.  I can’t tell you anything of worth about it without spoiling the effect, but I’d guess it’s even better in 3d…

Alright, gotta run.  Have fun out there!


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