Fat Mogul vs. The Moustache

Movember is over and I’m happy to announce that my face no longer contains the hair that was once relegated to be merely above my mouth.

I’ll admit, I was excited to take part on this journey of 1980’s masculinity.  I wanted to see if I could handle the power of the ‘stache.  Turns out…I can’t.  I would catch a glance of myself in the mirror and wonder who that person was.  I would see pictures of myself and think, hey, I looked good with that hair/beard combination…until I realized that it was just me being happier with how I looked sans ‘stache.

moustache rideSo, now I look like the man on the right, happy and hairless.  The beard is coming back quickly, but I believe for now, I’ll stay away from merely having lip hair.

In other news… in case you were somehow completely oblivious, THE AGORA FILES came out last Friday.  It’s not exactly making waves, but I’m quite happy with how it’s moving.  However, in a situation of Cyber Monday craziness, both of my books have managed to be put on sale for only 99 cents (for the ebook versions).  Although only one of which should be that cheap, I’m sticking with it for the day, so head on out and grab your copy.

Also, there happens to be a ton of paperbacks going out the door already, perhaps due to Amazon’s deals they’re making on those, so if you’re the type to like to hold a book in your hand, or like to give books for presents, today is your day to pick up either of my titles.  Just head here and make your pick between out of shape superhero or super-running smuggler.

For now, I’ve gotta get some writing done, so, have fun out there!



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