Fat Mogul vs. The Next Nine Days

Hey, in case you haven’t heard, we’re only nine days away from the release of THE AGORA FILES.  That’s pretty exciting stuff.  Well, I mean, you should be excited, if you aren’t.  It’s an awesome book of awesomeness and awesome things.

However, from a more personal side of things, the next nine days involve a heckuva lot of preparation.  I mean, I’m getting close on the basics.  The book itself is done, although I keep thinking of little tweaks as the final day approaches.  The formatting for both the ebook and the paperback editions are done.  I’ve been having some awesome chats with my amazing cover designer who assures me that we’ll be right on schedule with all of that.

So, you know, as long as all of that goes swimmingly, I really don’t have to do much more than click a button come Black Friday morning.

Unfortunately, that’s not quite how things work.  No… although I’m really not one for promotion, there’s all these little things I should do in order to make sure that people are actually aware that this new book is coming out.  I’ve got a few blogs lined up to let me dirty their space with my words.  I’m working on submitting to all those new book announcement sites and whatnot.  I’ve got a ton of words to write between now and the 29th, and all of them are basically about the same thing.  Cyrus Rhodes’ epic adventure across the United States.

Seeing as life has already been rather busy, I know that I’m going to fall somewhat short on all of the things I intend to do before Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try my darndest.

So, all of that is really to say that I just can’t spend too much time on things like the blog this week (you know, as opposed to the past few weeks of radio silence).  I hope to be back soon, especially since I’m also working on a completely new project that I can’t wait to start telling you more details about.  If things work the way I’m planning, you may get to see the starts of this project in a published form before February…But those details are still being hammered out.

Anyhoo, gotta run.  Remember, 11/29/13.  Buy my book, tell your friends, and, you know, be safe when you’re out there jamming your elbows into the faces of other people hoping to get a free television from walmart…or whatever you people do at those sales…

Have fun out there!


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