A Day That Will (not) Live in Infamy (but was quite interesting all the same)

loading_screenI wish I had things of interest to tell you.  My life has been so filled with responsibilities lately that even when I sit down to write something for one of my new projects, I find myself struggling to come up with fun ideas.  Today, however, managed to one up all of that by putting my brain into over-drive.  I began my morning by taking a trip out to the local LASIK folks.  You see, I’m pretty darn blind without my glasses (the lady today used the phrase legally blind, but I’m not sure that’s official).  For quite some time the idea of getting my eyes fixed has intrigued me.  Too many nights of having my glasses fall off the night stand, requiring me to get on my hands and knees, hunting for them as though they were microscopic, is just one example of the silly little inconveniences involved in having the poor eyesight I have.

However, since I’ve had these eyes for most of remembered history (I figure began wearing glasses at the age of 7), it’s never really been something I’ve thought too much about, just one of those things that seemed like it would be nice…you know, to be able to see.

Well, anyways, I had long been under the impression that refractive surgery and I would not be good bedmates.  More than one eye doctor had aided in that opinion.  Today, I found that to be completely wrong…well, maybe not completely, the money involved in such a surgery doesn’t exactly make us a match made in heaven.  However, for the first time in my life I know that there is something that can be done about my eyes, that I may actually be able to walk around the world without the crutch of glasses or contacts and not fear seriously injuring myself, or, you know, just looking like a blind idiot.

It’s a pretty cool thing…even if it will probably be a while before I actually get to move forward with the act.

At the same time at my appointment this morning, my employer was making announcements about layoffs (which didn’t effect me, which makes me sad because their severance package is rather nice).  Things are quickly changing for me at work, and I’m not entirely certain of how.

So, my brain’s been mulling through all of these possible changes for the future, working on ways to make everything fit into this beautiful little image I have of where things could be for me in the next few years.  In other words…I’ve been daydreaming…barely working.

However, I did make some leeway in my new project.  The first 1000 words are finally written and I have come up with a tentative title (which I’m quite certain will change) A Time to Shill.  I’m pretty excited about it and the first thousand words are exactly what I had been hoping to be able to get out.

Add into all of this excitement the fact that we are a mere 10 days away from the release of THE AGORA FILES, and you can see how eager I am for the next few days to pass.  I can’t wait until I can get this new book into your hands, dear readers.  It’s pretty darned awesome.

Anyways, got stuff to get done.  Hope you all have a great day, and…

Have fun out there!


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