Fat Mogul vs. Movember 8th

2013-11-08 12.57.35Wow…the past week has just flown by.  It’s been an eventful week here at Fat Mogul HQ, but the most eventful moment of all probably came earlier today as I finally went in to trim the rapidly growing face hedge into the work of art you see to the right here.

That’s right, one whole week has now passed in this month of masculine affection and my face has now officially donned it’s uniform for the rest of the month (or maybe the rest of my life?)

I have yet to step out of the house with my new badge of pride, but I’m certain the ladies will instantly come flocking, meaning that this patch of hairy amazingness does more good than just open awareness of men’s health needs.

So, if you love men, head on over to my “mospace” page and drop a few bucks into the coffers.  It’s for a good cause.  And not just the good cause of a face tuxedo, it’s also for the health of men worldwide.

Have fun out there!


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