Fat Mogul vs. IKEA

I borrowed this from cracked.com's much more detailed description of what a trip to ikea is like. Click the pic to read it.
I borrowed this from cracked.com’s much more detailed description of what a trip to ikea is like. Click the pic to read it.

Life has just been too darned busy lately.  It’s now been over a week since I’ve actually written anything, outside of a post here last week about how I’m heading on down the family path of giving my nose a welcome mat.  I wish I had a good excuse.  I just have been busy and haven’t been able to find the time, although I know the standard answer…I should have made the time.

Anyways, since I don’t have too much to share on the writing front, although I have a fantastic new project I can’t wait to start and have received the first responses from beta readers on THE AGORA FILES (spoiler: it’s hard to put down), I figured I’d let you all in on how my weekend went…

Saturday started out very strongly.  Since we’ve all been too busy to do any real cleaning around the house, we had a family cleaning day.  It was fantastic.  The kids went through their toys and even cleared out a ton of them that they intended to donate to those who could use some extra pieces of plastic around their house, I finally got around to cleaning under the couch that seems to be gaining an ever growing accumulation of junk, and my wife came up with some fantastic ideas on how to organize the children’s rooms better…which means, right around nap time we headed off on a family trip to Minneapolis to go to the haven of particle board-infused furniture that is known as IKEA.

This place is crazy.  I mean, I always like to think of it as the Disney World of home furnishings, although there aren’t any rides and the entire thing is really just one giant line until you get to the warehouse of a gift shop at the end.  Oh, and  the food’s cheaper…

Anyhoo, I found myself getting mighty ill as we neared the enormous building that sits across the parking lot from the even larger building known as the Mall of America, which means my wife had to drag me, as well as two quickly tiring kids, through this pantheon of home design that we’ll never be able to afford, while we picked out a relatively small amount of items due to the relatively small amount of storage space available in our vehicle.

After a quick dinner at Fuddruckers (a nostalgic love that I wish I could indulge in more frequently), we headed back home to the sounds of Star Wars coming from the screens in back, and then some NPR after the kids passed out.

The problem was…I was exhausted.  This illness had taken over my body and I’m only today feeling back to 100%.  So the rest of the weekend was filled with my wife doing a great deal of work as I struggled to stay warm due to the constant chill my body was faced with.

But, in the end, our children’s rooms are finally organized, my son has been upgraded to a bed he can actually climb out of (although he seems reluctant to do so, for some reason), and we actually have enough book shelf space to hold all our books (for now).  Our house, at the moment, almost looks clean…as long as you keep from looking in a couple of offices or my bedroom.

Now I just have to get to raking up all those stupid leaves!

Anyways, today will involve some level of writing, I promise you.  And The Agora Files will hit your kindles soon, just have a few more items to work out before I can officially set a date.  Hoping for Thanksgiving weekend…

Have fun out there!


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