Fat Mogul vs. Prostate Cancer

2013-11-01 11.00.29Sorry for the silence this week.  Things have been mighty crazy in Casa del Oster and even this post right here is not something I really have too much time for.

However, without much warning (other than the previous 364 days or so) I suddenly found myself in the middle of November 1st…or, as men around the world have now declared, Movember 1st.

I come from a long line of moustaches.  In fact, out of my 9 uncles, I’m pretty sure I can only think of one that I haven’t seen with a glorious patch of hair above his lip.  I could be confused…they all kind of look alike.  In fact, as my wife said when prepping for the picture to the right here, they look a lot like that.  My father also happened to have donned a majestic mo for quite a long period of his life.  It’s a family tradition that outside of two (non-consecutive) weeks of my life, I have not adhered to.  That changes today.

To help support the Movember movement, and much to the chagrin of my wife, I shall be allowing my upper lip to outshine the rest of my face with the soup strainer I inherited from my father.  I shall no longer fear the might of the mo.  I shall harness its majesty, all to furthering the efforts of increasing men’s health worldwide.

The picture above is where I figure I’ll be in a week or so (I didn’t keep very close track of the last time I shaved…)  The final product will be much more amazing.

For now, I’m clean shaven (as per the rules), as can be seen on my “mo space“.  While you’re there, why not throw a couple dollars toward the movement.  Each dollar that you give, the more my moustache will live!

And if you’re another mo bro and looking to start up a wolf pack, or even have one already that you’re looking for members on, hit me up, I’m always ready to roll with a crowd.

Have fun out there!


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