Fat Mogul vs. Ranting

my daughter receiving (and assisting on) a glenn beck-style rant (maybe?)
my daughter receiving (and assisting on) a glenn beck-style rant (maybe?)

For those long time readers of the blog here, you may be surprised to find out that I have something of a tendency to rant at length about a variety of topics….almost daily.  In fact, just last night (like most nights) my wife was subjected to a rant coming from me regarding how tired I am of how it appears that just about everyone in the world today is striving to reach idol status, or, you know, is in deal idolic love with someone.

I even considered writing a long post about it, you know, because this is the type of stuff you need to know.

Instead, I figured this was a perfect opportunity to introduce new readers to the blog with a little explanation of what the heck I’m doing on here writing about absolutely random topics on an almost daily basis.

You see…I started this blog with very little interest in really attaining any form of readership.  I know, odd, right?  Why put it on the internet?

I could tell a long story, but instead I’ll simply say, I had this domain name (fatmogul.com in case you have absolutely no clue where you are in the world of the internet at the moment) and after years of it sitting completely empty, I decided I should put something on it.  Since I was already writing long bits of ranty nonsense, I figured I could just put it out here.

Of course, once I began putting out books and needing to have a place to promote them or whatever, this kind of became the place…but I still needed to rant, to get these completely silly thoughts out of my head so my mind could be free of stray thoughts whilst I whittle away at my stories.

So, that’s it.  I rant on here because here is here.

And apparently there’s a couple of people who actually dig my rants for some inconceivable reason.  So, since there’s a growing number of you out there who keep my site’s traffic growing, I continue ranting.

There’s another note to be made here, one that I was initially embarrassed by when people first starting finding their way here…this is all first draft stuff. I don’t re-read through my rants before posting them (sometimes I read them months later and realize how little sense they often make).  I just write and write until I feel like I’ve reached a conclusion and then tag it with a “Have fun out there!” and consider the topic done…until I think about it again later and write another post that conflicts heavily with the first one.

So…yeah, you’re ready something that’s mostly nothing.  These are the internal thoughts of a man who makes things up on a normal basis.  This isn’t no fancy blog with themes and running concepts and informed articles about things you care about.  This is Fox News (I know I’m going to hear something about that comment… 🙂 )

Yet…you still keep coming.  When I wake up in the morning and see my traffic had skyrocketed during the course of the night just to find that one person happened across my site and began reading article after article, I smile, of course, but I can’t help but wonder why.

I’m not looking for answers here folks…just ranting about ranting.  meta-ranting?

Anyhoo, so, if you sign up for getting notifications of new blogs posts, that’s the majority of what you’ll find here.  If you want to just get notifications about when new books are coming out (which makes a heckuva lot more sense, to be honest), you probably just want to sign up here.  Then you’ll just get one or two e-mails a year letting you know that I’ve actually put something out that I spent some time on, instead of something that I wrote whilst injecting caffeine in my veins so as to get through the work day better.

However, if you’re one of the slowly growing populace who likes reading completely random rants…I guess you’ve found the place. And I’m incredibly happy to have you aboard!

Have fun out there!


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