DSC_0182Here in Wisconsin we’ve finally reached the week in the year where we go from wearing shorts to pulling out the winter coats.  Yep…it’s getting cold.  No, not as cold as the attached picture…but cold.

And every winter I find myself dealing with the awful process of trying to find new and improved (cheap) ways to just keep the cold out of our house.  Plastic is hung with care so that St. Nick won’t freeze his butt off when he finally gets here.

My house is old.  You know, built over a hundred years ago old.  That means that it was built well before people seemed to care about keeping warm during the frigid Wisconsin winters.  A few years back we had some guys come in to do some winterizing, and they found absolutely no insulation in our walls.  Over 100 years without putting anything in the walls to keep out the cold!  Insulation’s not like a new thing or anything… heck, back in they used to use paper and whatnot, before they came up with the crazy pink stuff, or the new plant based whatevers.

And our house is a big house, so keeping things closed off seems, at times, to be a pretty overwhelming chore, one in which is seems as soon as I find all the drafts, spring has finally come around again.

This year will be different (said me, every year).  It will.  I refuse to allow Wisconsin to win.  I will be warm.  My house will be warm.  Going from running an air conditioner to needing to turn on the heat in a matter of days is crazy talk, but I won’t allow it to get me down.

That’s what’s on my brain for today.
Well, that, and I’m nearing completion on The Agora Files (if you’re interested in beta reading…I’ll be putting out a call shortly).  And I’ve got a few new projects in the mix that I honestly can’t wait to dig into.  One of which I began working on this past weekend, due to some technical difficulties, and, well, let’s just say that I’m more excited than I’ve been in a while to get working on a new project.  And I’m usually pretty darned excited about working on new projects.

So, since I’ve got some winterizing to do, and some writing to do, this one’s short.

Have fun out there (and stay warm!)



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