Fat Mogul vs. The Shutdown

downloadYou may have noticed a bit of radio silence on the blog here for the past few days.  Blame the government!

Why?   Who knows.  But, it just so happens that as a way to celebrate the government shutdown, I decided to take some time off of work to catch up on some things.  Unfortunately, as of yet, this has included almost no writing.  I don’t believe I’ve written anything since Monday, and before that, Thursday.

It makes me quite sad to admit.  I’ve been doing so good about staying focused on the task, but found myself in a place where I was so bogged down with the things in life that I needed to get done that I felt I should probably focus on those for a few days. And, although I’m no where near caught up, I’m happy to announce that I’m back up and running faster than a government held in the death grip of a bi-partisan political system!  And, I’m in no danger of defaulting on any of my debts!

Anyways, I honestly don’t have much extra to say about all of this.  It’s mornings like this where I begin to fear that I’m running out of words.  Of course, then I remember the previous night’s conversation with my wife in which I attempted to compare heroes from DC to Marvel in order to see how many similarities between the two comic book companies there really are…that discussion lasted much longer than it probably should have for something that is, well, you know…obvious 🙂

So, instead of bore all of you with absolutely less to talk about than usual, I’m cutting it short today so I can focus on getting some books moving forward.  My few days off has gotten my head flowing with ideas and I can’t wait to get them all on paper.

Have fun out there!


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