Fat Mogul vs. Salesmanship

cropped-Buddy-Hero-Book-Covers3.jpgYet another day of having a plate too full, so I’ve decided to take this moment to up my shillmanship experience points and remind all of you that I have things for sale.  Well, one thing, really, but you can get it in different colors.  And by different colors, I mean, well, what color is your ebook reader?  Or there’s a paperback version…

Don’t like the internets?  Well, you can even pick up the paperback edition of this book at Eau Claire’s very own The Local Store.  While you’re there, you can pick up other amazing artifacts, like a skillet shaped like Wisconsin.  Who doesn’t need one of those?!

Oh yeah, and remember, you’re doing it to help these kids through college:

That’s right, cute kids dressed up in adorable costumes!  Lookie lookie!

What?  You don’t like spending money on things?  Well, how about this?  You can get my short story prequel to THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO, amusingly named Dominion of Evil, for precisely no money whatsoever!

Even that’s too much work?

How about this?  I have two works in progress that you can peruse for no money whatsoever AND there’s no downloading involved.  That’s right, just head on over to authonomy.com and you can read THE AGORA FILES (getting pretty darned close to finished and almost ready to have a release date announced) and THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL (the sequel to THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO) for absolutely no money down and no monthly payments.

That’s just how crazy I am, folks.

And also, how far behind I am in everything else in life, because I’m making this post incredibly short.  October does happen to mark something somewhat special though, folks.  THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO is the book of the month on the Goodreads Group called Superheroes and Comic Book Club.  Just think, you can have a whole three other people to talk to about how much you love the craziness that is the world of Buddy Hero and The New Defenders!  (sounds almost like a band name…)

Okay, enough of this advertising.  If you haven’t read it, you should.  If you have read it, you should leave a review somewhere, even if it’s a bad one, because people like to read reviews before they buy things.  And if you’ve done both of those things, well, tell your friends or something.

Or don’t, it’s not like I’m paying you for this or anything, just taking a moment to be the shill that the world expects me to be.  Honestly, I’m a little frightened about people knowing that this book is even out there…

So, maybe don’t tell them.  No, this isn’t reverse psychology.  Or is it?

Have fun out there!


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