Book Review: Fusion (short story collection)

18207413It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my book reviews out here on the blog.  Probably because, thanks to how every social media website is connected to each other, every single site that I’m connected to already told you about my feelings toward whatever book I’ve read recently.

However, with all of that being said, I wanted to take a little time to focus on a lovely little anthology I read recently by the talented folks over at Breakwater Harbor Books, called Fusion.  I’ve got a few friends that are a part of this coalition of authors, as well as a few more acquaintances, so it’s easy for me to appear somewhat biased when  I do reviews of this type of stuff.  However, out of the seven stories submitted in this collection, I’m only truly familiar with 2 of the authors who wrote them.  So, I can honestly say that I’m only about 28.5714% biased.

Here’s my review that’s been blasted all over the internet so far, after which I’ll add a few additional thoughts:

Like a literary sampler platter, this book offers a taste of writing from a number of fantastic authors, each causing the reader to crave for more. Luckily for the reader, each of these short stories seem to serve as a prelude to greater works by the author. From what I could gather, only one of the stories included in this collection is not connected to a novel, but I honestly didn’t do my research.

Although difficult to review the collection as a whole without going into detail on my thoughts on each specific story within, I can honestly say that almost every one of these stories does a tremendous job of showcasing the talents of the author that wrote it. I’ve only read one of the novels by the authors in here, so I can’t say for certain of their talents in the full-length novel format, but I can say that they all seem to be able to capture the moments contained within their short stories with deft prose, creating a world and crafting characters with as few words as possible so as to allow the greater story to shine through.

Since this is a free book (although I believe I actually paid a buck for it on Amazon so I didn’t have to do the work to copy it over to my Kindle…lazy), there’s really nothing to lose in giving this book a shot, as I’m confident you’ll find more than one author you’ll want to read more from.

Now, with all of that being said, I just want to add my thoughts about how brilliant this whole idea is.  First, Breakwater itself is a bright thought in that it’s a developed coalition of authors working together to help build each others’ careers.  In theory, if one does well, the rest of the group should see some sort of benefit as well.

But this book takes that idea and moves it ever further into brilliance.  Sure, they obviously stole the idea from me, seeing as Dominion of Evil is a free short story written by yours truly as a prelude to THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO, but they took it ever further than that.  It ends up becoming a free opportunity to check out the work of the other Breakwater Harbor folks.  I honestly picked it up because I wanted to read the work written by my friends, but after reading some of the other titles in the collection, I know have at least 3 more books to add to my reading queue (I’m on the fence about the other 2).

In other words, they utilized the main concept being their coalition, and plussed it by doing what indie record labels have been doing for decades.  They put out a sampler album.

But, beyond all of that, this truly is a very well written collection and I highly suggest everyone take the time to read at least a couple of the stories within.  I’m certain you’ll find (like me) at least one new author you want to read more from.

(I cheated on this blog post because I’m way too busy today…)

Have fun out there!


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