Fat Mogul vs. Speechlessness…

I also tried to come up with something to say about this, and somehow came up blank...
I also tried to come up with something to say about this, and somehow came up blank…

I have honestly spent way too much time already today trying to come up with something to talk about on here.


This doesn’t happen…

As I was just telling someone the other day, this space is intended to be a spot where I can get out all of the random thoughts floating around my head so they aren’t bugging me while I’m trying to do my actual writing.  I mean… there’s over 300 posts on this blog, almost daily (during the work week) for over a year, in which I ramble on about whatever the heck is going on in my head.

And I have apparently run out.  My brain has gone empty.

I actually started more than one post before this in an attempt to force myself into having something to say.  The first one I started ended up sounding an awful lot like a post I had written before, the second…well, even I thought it was boring, and I only got two sentences in.

The funny thing is, this does happen to be the truth at the moment.  My brain is literally devoid of random thoughts today.  I have some basic sub-routines going on regarding things like, “jeez this job sucks”, or “I should really mow the lawn today”, but as far as things that could actually fill up the page here…nothing.  There’s no diatribes sitting in there on how I hate that I’m too old to YOLO because I feel like I should use that phrase as an excuse to binge drink with the college students EVERY night.  I have absolutely nothing to say regarding the fact that I think the new sexy monster should be Frankenstein’s.  It actually took me quite a bit of time to come up with those two random thoughts that I don’t have.

So… here I am, trying to fill the page here with notes about how I have absolutely nothing to say.  I thought it could be an interesting exercise (for me, not you.  I feel sorry for you for reading this).  It’s turning out to be a rather exhausting experience in trying to make nothing sound amusing.

It’s not.

I’ve got work to do.

So…I guess I’m going to do it.

Have fun out there!


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