When Editing Becomes Fun…

Burned out, like I was with this past year's winter...
Burned out, like I was with this past year’s winter…

There comes a time in the process of writing something (as well as with most artistic pursuits, from my experience) in which you, the artist, become completely angry with the current project at hand, where whatever you’re working on goes (almost instantly) from being the most exciting and fun project you’ve ever worked on to being the worst piece of drivel you’ve ever produced and you never want to see it again.  Sometimes this is an accurate perception of your work in progress, other times it’s that you’ve merely entered the burn-out phase of creation.

You know, that moment where you’ve stared at something for so incredibly long that nothing looks the way it truly is, similar to if you say a word too many times in a row and it stops being a word and just an awful sound.

I think the drawn out process of writing a novel brings out this burn-out phase more often with authors than it does with most other artists (although I definitely felt it a few times back in the days where I attempted to write, produce, act, direct, and edit a movie).

I recently entered this phase whilst writing the sequel to THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO.  It was literally overnight where I went from being overly excited about where the story was heading to waking up and wanting to throw the whole manuscript in the (virtual) fire.  I forced my way to the end of the story, as I don’t believe in leaving something completely unfinished like that, knowing that I would be able to correct things in the editing process, and I found myself in a state of euphoria once I finally found myself in the position to close the Word document and state that I would not reopen it until after I had finally published THE AGORA FILES.  It was simply awesome.

And here’s how you can know that I was completely burned out on writing.  I went from struggling to be able to write a couple hundred words a day on a first draft (which is typically the most fun of the writing process) to my current state of wishing I had more time available each day because of how much fun it is going through the editing process on THE AGORA FILES.  Yeah, I’m enjoying it waay too much for it not to be some sort of rebound situation.

That being said… I’m really digging the changes I’m making to this little Young Adult adventure novel and am really excited to finally get it out there… you know, like I was about THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL only a few weeks ago…  Here’s hoping I can get through the editing process before hitting the burnout phase, so I can get burned out on the obsessive re-editing that I like to do.

Anyways, got a very busy day ahead of me, so I’m going to keep this one a short one.

Have fun out there!


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