Fat Mogul vs. Predators

copyright 20th Century Fox (I think)
copyright 20th Century Fox (I think)

I’ve been looking for a new job for quite some time now.  Not because I need a new job, well, not exactly, just because my current job offers very little in the way of fulfillment.  So, yeah, I’ve been pretty picky in the places I’ve chosen to send my resume, both due to financial concerns, as well as personal concerns.

Yet, somehow, in my rather limited application process, a few places I’ve not applied at have managed to get their hands on my pretty piece of career-oriented paper.

Like an invisible hunter, they waited until the best moment to attempt to strike.  Of course, they had no clue that I’m aware of how these little punks work.  I look for the ripples in the air.  I ain’t Carl Weathers.  I’m Arnold!  (nerdy Predator movie references, in case you’re confused)

But these groups get me so annoyed.  I’ve seen them so many times over the years, offering that little bit of hope to so many people.  When it comes to the predators that offer careers, they love to show you the dollar signs, looking for people who they are certain will fall prey to that bait.  I remember as a younger male being drawn into so many “meetings” where they would proclaim the amazing wealth that could come with employment with the company.  Of course, they weren’t willing to offer any sort of compensation or benefits outside of straight up commission, so, one definitely has to question how much they truly believe in the money-making capabilities of their process since they don’t have the faith to put their money up front… you know, like most real employers.

Of course, sales is kind of like that in general, and most predators in this realm are offering sales positions.  So, perhaps I shouldn’t completely shut them out.  I mean, it does make some amount of sense that they would want to ensure that you’re working for the money.  But, I mean, even the telemarketing firm I worked for (for a short period of time) would offer an hourly wage and benefits on top of whatever commission they provided.

But predators are so common today in almost every facet of our lives.  And, honestly, so many companies who may themselves be on the rise, have very predatory tactics in their business strategy.  Who hasn’t been offered a card every time they go through the checkout line?  Now, some of those cards are to give you access to special discounts and really just track your sales so they can better market to you in the future.  Others, however, are far worse, being high interest credit cards that give you a minimal discount upon first use, with the hope that you will continue to use it and rack up a giant debt and… Yeah… we all know about those credit predators.

The world of publishing is full of them.  Companies that pretend they are actual publishers, or actual editors, or actual agents, or actual whatever elses, but in the end, just have a multitude of different ways to scam you for money.

I ran across a company the other day who was looking for people to work for them as editors.  As part of the initial application process, you are given an editing test, something to see if you are able to do basic editing, like find grammatical errors, typos, whatever else.  Well, that’s what they claim it to be.  After doing some research, I found that the company actually sends these applicants a manuscript that they received from a customer, the applicants do the work that the company has been paid for, the company ships it back to the customer, then ultimately tells the applicant that they are not going to be hired.

And this is the type of thing that gets my mind truly going.  I mean, these predators are pretty darn brilliant when you really take a look.  That scam above it something that takes a lot of thought.  You almost want to congratulate them on being that creative, although it really is just another way to steal.

I hate predators.  I’ve been contacted by so many over the years.  There’s only one that actually got me.  In the early days of ebay, I bought a computer.  They never shipped it.  That was before every transaction was fully protected.  I received a portion of my money back.  But there have been many others that have tried.  I’ve dipped my toes in interacting with them.  Some almost got me, but I ended up the victor.

But there’s so many more people out there who are not quite so lucky.  They see these things, and they’re so shiny, so creatively put together, and they fall hard, dollar signs flashing all around them.

It pisses me off.

And that’s all I can think about today after receiving a phone call from such a company offering me an interview, is that there are so many other people who will fall for their scam and end up being hurt by it.

So, kids, there’s a moral of the story today.  It’s always smart to Google.

Have fun!


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