Fat Mogul vs. Procrastination

she's hard at work putting this book together
she’s hard at work putting this book together

You know how I’ve been telling you how close I’m getting to finishing this first draft of THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL?  Well, it’s really, honestly true.  In fact, since I wrote that post on Monday about how much trouble I’ve been having in getting to the end of this thing, I’ve found myself far nearly 10,000 words further into the story, and still feeling like the ending is a ways off.  Not too far off. . . but, you know, epic final boss battle type stuff…

Yesterday I put down a whopping 3,000 words, which is less than I did on Monday, but still pretty darn impressive, considering how much other stuff I was getting into and getting done.

But I keep finding myself looking for ways to waste time.  I force 500 words out of my bleeding fingertips and then switch over to all sorts of distractions, things like facebook, or twitter, or whatever… you know, the things I hate to spend any real time on.  That’s how bad it’s getting.

But I shall succeed.  Today is the plan (although yesterday was also the plan).  The end is in sight and I honestly can’t wait to be done with this draft.  It’s turning out to be a rather awesome tale, although in need of some serious cleanup work.  Yet, I’m still ready to put it down for a while and put some time into THE AGORA FILES.

So, with that being said: short article today, must get back to work.

Have fun out there!


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