Fat Mogul vs. Endings

fat mogul authonomy coverFor those of you who have been following along as I write by visiting my page at authonomy.com, you may have noticed a sudden stop in the uploading of new chapters to my works in progress placed out there.  I did finish the minor edit/re-read process on THE AGORA FILES, meaning that it’s out there in its entirety, and should be getting a major overhaul very shortly (reason for delay on overhaul to be explained shortly), but THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL, well, I just stopped.

The reason why is quite simple. . . I’ve been having some trouble in finishing the book.  Sure, there’s a lot more written than is placed out on the site.  In fact, there’s 24 chapters uploaded, and I’m currently finishing up writing the 30th chapter.  I could upload the other 6 chapters, but I’ve reached a point in my writing of the book in which I’m not certain where I’m standing with those 6.

You see, as has been explained here before, I’m what other writers like to call a pantser (because I write ‘by the seat of my pants’).  I usually have a very loose synopsis of where things are going to go, but the endings… well, I leave those to be a surprise for when I finally get there.

The problem is, of course, when I finally get there.  This is actually a multi-pronged issue.  The first one is that once I actually reach the resolution portion of a book in progress, I’m already busy thinking about the next book I want to work on (or, in this specific case, of all the changes I’m ready to make to THE AGORA FILES).  I get so excited about working on the next book that my interest in completing the one I’m currently working on all but disappears, especially once I’ve gathered a basic concept of how the whole thing will resolve.

The second prong of the issue is that, well, I usually only have a basic concept of how the thing will be resolved.  Especially with books in the Buddy Hero universe, I spend a lot of time developing some pretty outrageous plot devices, for which the resolution needs to not only be somewhat reasonable, but satisfying.  When  you have a supervillain with a crazy world-destroying scheme, you can’t just have the big strong superhero punch him in the face and call it a day.  It would just piss everyone off.  So, although I may have an idea of how I’m going to finish the book, the details are exhausting to develop.

The third prong of the issue is the worst of all… I hate writing endings.  In all of the projects I’ve developed over the years, I’ve always had difficulty with ending the thing.  Happy endings feel the most satisfactory, but, well, you know, cheesy and contrived.  Tragic endings just piss everyone off, unless there’s some sort of silver lining, or moral piece to the story.  So, there has to be something in the middle, something that makes the rest of the book feel worthwhile.  I don’t know about you, but there has been more than one occasion in my life where I’ve finished a book or a movie or whatever, where the ending of the thing changed my entire feeling about it.  This has not always been for the better with regards to my thoughts about the particular piece of entertainment in question.

Endings are, in my mind, the most difficult thing to do as a writer.  It’s part of the reason why so many authors love to write short stories.  You don’t have to write an ending, as long as your focus is on capturing an emotion, or whatever other crap we want to use a short story to do.

And, of course, THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL is a sequel, meaning it has to be bigger, better, and even more worth it than the first one, but, you know, still worth it, telling a more important story.  (Matrix Trilogy, I’m looking at you).

So, that’s where I’ve been.  My daily word logs have been shorter and shorter the past week or so.  I’ve finally surpassed the word count of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO in the sequel, but just barely.  And each 500 word segment I attempt to produce at a time feels like giving birth to some enormous 12 pound mind baby.  It’s exhausting.

But…on the bright side, it is moving forward, and for all of you who have expressed desire to read the sequel, I can promise you that I believe it to be a sequel worthy of that desire (after some serious polishing, obviously)

Even more importantly is that I fully intend to complete this first draft by the end of this week (barring any unforeseen circumstances), and plan to begin work on finalizing THE AGORA FILES by next week at the latest.

Fingers, toes, and other appendages crossed that I can keep my focus together long enough to do one before the other.

Hope you all had a great weekend. And, as always, have fun out there!


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