Fat Mogul vs. The Internet

image borrowed from makingmoneyontheinternetisfree.info (and based on the domain name, I'd guess they borrowed it as well...)
image borrowed from makingmoneyontheinternetisfree.info (and based on the domain name, I’d guess they borrowed it as well…)

This morning has been nothing but an epic battle with my internet connection. . . a battle that I seem to be destined to lose.  In fact, since I’ve started writing this post, (you know. . . 30 seconds ago) my internet has already dropped on me again.

Of course, since my internet connection is provided by my employer, I can’t contact the ISP directly. . . and, you know, my employer, for whatever reason, is not too concerned about getting me up and running quickly.

I’m not exactly complaining.  I mean, in the world of 4g, I still have access to the plethora of time wasting material that we call the ‘net.  But, well, yeah. . . I feel somewhat in limbo, getting extremely excited everytime my connection appears for the 30 seconds it does, trying to get logged back into everything so I can sort that one next e-mail before the connection drops again.. .

Anyways, you’d think that since I’m basically stuck in front of my computer waiting for my internet to return that I would have plenty to put out here. . . I don’t.  In fact, I’m finding myself even more busy that usual as I attempt to fill the void that is my internet-free life. . . and, you know, hastily getting little bits of work done while I’m online.

So, although I won’t actually be able to publish this for a while, since I’ll still have to upload a photo (during online time) and whatever else. . . I’m logging off for now.  Gonna hopefully get some writing done today as well.

Speaking of which. . . The Rise of The Fat Mogul has now officially surpassed THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO in word count, and still has a ways to go before the epic conclusion is actually concluded.  70,000 words and counting.  It’s exciting.  I’m excited.  I’m ready to be done with this first draft and get back to focusing on getting THE AGORA FILES on some shelves.

Alright, yeah, I’m out.

Have fun!


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