The Plague of Self-Publishing

image borrowed from bo’s cafe.

Before I get started today, I want to say that I’m happy with the decision to go the self-pubbing route (although, as always, if someone wanted to hand me a wad of cash to take over the publishing for me, I’d rip the pen out of their hands before they finished telling me where to sign).  I’d actually go a little further than that and say I’m pretty proud of myself for it.

Not because it took any actual amount of work.  Actually, the actual act of self-pubbing itself takes almost no work.  You set up an account on one (or more) of the millions of self-publishing sites out there, upload a word document and a picture file for the cover, and within hours your book can be available for the world to download, whether or not its any good. . . hell, whether or not you actually wrote it.

I’d love to say that I’ve been hard at work marketing the sucker, but honestly, I just don’t have the energy for it. . . so, there’s been very minimal work done on that.  I mean, sure, I produced a silly little book trailer, done some interviews and worked a tad to get some reviews, but seriously the time spent on that was nothing compared to the time I should spend on it.

No, the only reason I’m proud of doing it is simply because I actually did it.

But here’s the thing.  Self-publishing has one major detraction to it over all of the other possible negatives involved.  As opposed to most other methods of getting your book out to the masses, a self-published author has complete control over things, especially things like sales reports.  With sites like Amazon, I get real-time information regarding my book’s sales, meaning if you buy one of my books, I can see it show up on my report within minutes of your doing so.

That’s pretty cool, right?  It’s also really damned dangerous.  I could easily spend all day hitting the refresh button on my sales report (and some days feel like I may) waiting to see those numbers slowly tick upwards.  Of course, since I don’t do much for marketing, most days those numbers do very little, if anything at all. . . which is pretty darned depressing, especially if you were to just click that button all day long.

My fellow authors that have gone through other methods have some serious problems with their situation, such as troubles in being able to give away free copies for contests or reviews, but they have one much better option available than I do. . . monthly sales reports, if even that frequent.  Yes, it’s possible they check their mailbox much more often than I, or, you know, since this is the age of the internet, hitting the check mail button on their e-mail client, but when they do get numbers, its a static one.

Maybe the number won’t be as large as they’re hoping for, which could mean a big ol’ gut punch of emotions, but in the end, that only lasts for a moment. . . I, if I have no self control, could have that at every moment of every day. . . just by clicking F5.

The over-abundance of information available to me is terrifying. . .

But, at the same time, it is pretty darned awesome to wake up in the morning and have that sales figure larger than when I went to sleep. . .

Alright, back to work,


Have fun!


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