Happy New Year!

With the impending Labor Day weekend upon us, the school session beginning (or begun for many outside of Wisconsin), and the passing of my birthday, it’s quickly becoming obvious that summer has chosen to end.  The drive-in theater is going back to being open only on weekends, the concerts in the park celebrated their last show last night, the days are getting shorter. . . it’s almost like the world is closing down, going into hibernation until next summer.

Naked butts will be covered with winter jackets
Naked butts will be covered with winter jackets

Yet. . . it’s still hot as hell out there.  Our tiny little A/C unit is running full-time now and still is unable to keep the one room in our house that it should keep cool cool.  To be honest, at least here in Wisconsin, many of these events could probably continue for at least another week before the snow sets in.  But. . . of course, the world revolves quite heavily around the school year, so I guess I just have to come to terms with the fact that summer is quickly coming to an end.

It really shouldn’t matter to me that much.  I mean, as an adult, I’m severely limited in what I can do during a standard week, whether it’s summer or not.  By the time the work day is done and the kids are back from daycare, there’s just barely enough time to get dinner ready and to have a little relaxation time before they head off to sleep. . . and then, you know, me and the wife sit around and chat for a bit before we too pass off into slumber.  It’s pretty standard whether spring, winter, fall, or summer.

But for whatever reason, probably due to nostalgic dreams of the summers of youth, I love summer.  I love the idea of summer.  Summer is about freedom, about exploration, about, well, life.  The days are longer for one simple reason, summer is the time of year we are to use to enjoy life to its fullest.  Winter, with its short days, is the time of year to think about getting summer to come back.

I think my kids actually enjoy the rest of the year more.  Our house is much more suited to colder weather than it is the hot, they have a more structured environment at daycare which makes it more of a learning/interactive experience, and the sun’s not still up when they’re going to sleep.  That’ll change as they get older, I know.  When I can take them out on a mild summer night to go find fireflies, check out the stars and find constellations, and take them to the drive-in without them being completely exhausted before the first feature even starts.

The end of summer always feels more like the end of the year than December 31st ever has for me.  Summer is, in many ways, the highlight of the year.  Summer’s end marks the return to normal life (even if there isn’t that much of a change for us employed individuals).  In many ways, I think that New Year’s Eve should mark the end of summer, not some random day in the middle of winter.  And then, instead of this goofy holiday which was initially used to placate union workers, we would have a true excuse to celebrate in holiday style.

I wonder who I would call about getting that changed. . .

Anyways, I’m off to celebrate my New Year in a rather relaxing way, (mostly) separated from the internet, out in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, and probably drinking a number of beers whilst I do a little more fishing.  And, of course, hanging out with the kids as much as possible.

Well. . . I’m not like off to do that right now. . . I’ve got a workday ahead of me.  But later today, you know, after the work day.  Gotta labor to celebrate Labor Day, right? <?>

I hope you all enjoy your New Year’s weekend.

Have fun!  (and be safe!)


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