One Shade of Gray

2013-08-29 13.26.23I know, I know, I’ve been ragging on the whole aging thing this week. . . but can you blame me?

Anyways, like  clockwork, on the day of my birthday, some very obvious grays started appearing. . .

You see, although it’s all hot and summery, and I was going to shave off the beard following the show I was in a couple weeks back, the beard has managed to find a stay of execution. .. but that stay may have ended with the appearance of these ugly horrible stay grays that are popping up quite blatantly in the midst of it.

The picture doesn’t really do the situation any justice. . .they’re out there, and they are proudly staying put.

Well, so they believe.  A pair of scissors shall be taking care of them shortly after I hit the publish button on this post.

I’ve been lucky, to be honest.  Several of my friends from high school and such have managed to already show their old man colors quite fully. . . I, on the other hand, still have managed to keep a great deal of pigment to my follicles.  But. . . seriously. . . I don’t like it.

Perhaps I should go and find some of that comb in dye. . .


Have fun!


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