Explosive Sweat! (or something like that)

Click to get your own!
Click to get your own!

I don’t generally like to make a big deal of it. . . in fact, I usually attempt to put my posts on here regarding this subject at least a week after the fact, so as to avoid any attempts to remind that it is approaching. . . However, my birthday is quickly upon us.

Some of you may remember (well, one of you certainly remembered) that I wrote a post a few months back regarding an item that I had particular interest in.  Well, I’m happy to report that I am now the proud owner of the item pictured to the right here, a giant poster showcasing the powers of over 600 super-powered beings, thanks to a regular reader (my dad).

It is the first poster I’ve owned in ages. . . so now that I’m an adult with all sorts of needs to make my house pretty, I’m going to have to frame this sucker, but I’ve got some ideas on how to do so.

However, who really cares about that, right?  What you’re interested in is the title. .  .that’s what brought you here.

Well, although I have as of yet to fully inspect every single item on this omnibus of powers, I’ve definitely taken some time to skim over them.  There’s the standards, like super strength, super speed, ability to procure truth via Lasso of Truth. . .  but the real fun comes in the more obscure powers/heroes.  There’s ones that I’ve showcased here before, like the power of Detachable Limbs, which is the all-too-powerful Arm-Fall-Off-Boy.

But there’s some that are just fantastic, such as the character who’s power is labeled Explosive Sweat.

2013-08-26 11.40.13

I’m confused as to whether The Anarchist is any different to the character listed under Acidic Sweat named simply Anarchist. . . I’m having a hard time coming up with more than one character that goes under this moniker. . . all the same, this chart is loaded with some amazing details that I long to know about the super-hero world.

Now the only problem is. . . there’s two more issues of this poster. . . gotta catch ’em all, right?

Want your own?  Go here.

Thanks Dad!


Have a good one, everybody!


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