The Battle with Muses

2013-08-22 19.03.36When I write, I find that only about half of what I do actually boils down to thoughtful work.  The other half really comes down to being struck by inspiration and riding that wave to see where it goes.

Of course, there’s one major issue with this form of writing. . . what to do when the Muse doesn’t come.

I’ve been working on THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL for quite some time now. . . I mean, before it even started being something where actual words were written on the page.  In fact, I had put together a large amount of stuff to put into this novel whilst writing its predecessor, THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO.

Getting down to write, I have found myself, on numerous occasions, blankly staring at the screen, wondering how the heck I had written myself into the corner I’m in and having absolutely no clue on how to get out.  Most of the time, a minor stroke of inspiration hits and I’m back on my way, putting thousands of words to digital paper at a time.  This week, however, I found myself in a spot that I just didn’t know how to deal with (and, unfortunately, will lead to even more.

I found myself needing to be additionally clever. . . something I don’t generally try to do very often, because just being moderately clever can be exhausting.

So, as it was, after 2 weeks of pretty intense writing levels, getting out thousands upon thousands more words than I had set for my goal, I found myself this week, just barely squeaking up the word count to where I had required myself to get. . . and am still there.

But, after reading through what I’ve written this week, the cleverness is really peeking through.  Sure, there will be some massive cleanup of the glaring issues that will have to happen during edits, but, a scene much more exciting than I could have expected came out of it.

All without the Muse.


All the same, I’m really hoping she comes back soon. . .

Have a good one!


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