Umm. . . yeah

A day as confusing as Batman in a dress riding a pony. . .
A day as confusing as Batman in a dress riding a pony. . .

So, I was just about to take a quick break from the workday to write my blog post for the day when I got a rather cryptic (yet, I think good) call from my boss.  As such, my brain is running wild with ideas for what it all might mean, and constantly checking my e-mail for the information he promised should be coming shortly.  Of course, worst part of it all is, the only person I’m allowed to actually say anything to (as far as the small amount of information I do have) is my wife. . .and she’s out of town. . . and busy, apparently.

Yeah, so, instead of writing much of worth today (as opposed to any other day, right?) I figured I’d just take a moment to highlight some of my upcoming releases.

THE AGORA FILES:  If you’ve been paying attention at all to what I’m up to, you should be familiar with this title.  It was inspired by a long-standing series of dreams I have, although the connection to those dreams is rather tenuous in reality.  Amusing side-note. . . haven’t had a single one of those dreams come back since I initially wrote the book over a year ago.

Anyways, the book’s about a kid who’s about to turn 18.  He has kind of a weird job in that he delivers black market items for a black market organization known as The Agora (title starting to make sense yet?).  This job’s not held by anyone over the age of 18 for reasons laid out pretty simply in the book, but basically because they are then liable for search and seizure tactics by law enforcement (and some pretty hefty punishment).  So, yeah, he’s given this job to deliver a package from San Francisco to Boston, doing so as much under the radar as he can, yet, he ends up in the midst of this big ol’ revolution going on in the nation. . . and finds himself with a sidekick named Eve who works for this rebellion effort.  In the end, there’s quite possibly the most awkward romance ever that begins to blossom between them.

When I initially wrote this book, it was intended as a stand alone title, but I quickly realized that there was too much to tell with this story to fit it within one novel and it’s been increased to have at least one sequel. . . I’m not holding my breath that I’ll be able to get everything I want out within one more book either.

The book’s first draft was completed over a year ago, and then I dropped it for a bit to re-focus my efforts on THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO (in stores now!), but I’m currently editing that beast like a madman.  I had hoped to get it out sometime next month, but it’s looking more and more likely that it will be delayed until late fall, if not early winter.

On a more personal note, I’m really in love with what’s going on in this title.  It was my attempt at writing something a bit more mainstream than Buddy could ever be, and honestly, I think even in its early draft stage, it’s a fantastic read.


Now, THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL, the sequel to THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO, on the other hand, keeps with the vision of the original book.  It’s an homage to so many different things within our popular culture that I find it difficult to classify at times, although it tends to find its way into the science fiction genre due to superpowers and whatnot.

Although I find THE AGORA FILES to be something more likely to be loved by everyone, this series of books is very dear to my heart.  The amount of time it takes to put together the pieces of the intricate puzzle I’m attempting to develop is probably not worth it, considering the possibly small audience it can pull, but I think once you start getting into the meat of THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL, the real heart of the stories being told here start to become apparent.

I’m only about halfway through writing this novel, but it’s already becoming quite a lot of fun.  It moves from the more standard comic-book style fare to something similar to adventure series, like Star Trek (the original) or The Goonies.  This is the type of book I can’t wait to finish writing because I can’t wait to see how it ends.

As far as a description about what’s going on. . . well, after the events of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO, the new Defenders of America find themselves in a world that doesn’t really need them anymore.  They have begun developing a regular super-hero routine, but are getting somewhat bored with it.  That is, until they see an old enemy which leads them on an adventure to break into their old headquarters, causing them to face a series of trials that could end in their deaths.  There’s new heroes, old heroes, and some heroes that you can’t really be certain of their actual alignment (bringing back that old Buddy Hero concept of, who can you trust?).  It’s becoming a great deal of fun and I can’t wait to let you all read it in its final form.


Okay, so, looks like I’ve filled the page here quite nicely. . . time to get back to work. . .and checking my e-mail. .  .and, you know, wondering what the heck the next day has in store for me.


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