A Return to Normalcy

First, quick side note: Normalcy, although some detractors may state existed before this in some form, was a word that really didn’t exist in the english language until it was coined by Warren G Harding leading up to his bid for the presidency.  Makes me wonder when strategery will finally make it into Mirriam-Webster (yes, I know, that was coined by Will Ferrell. . . )

Yep, I can snap
Yep, I can snap

The past month in the Oster household had become rather crazy.  With both my wife and myself being cast within a local theatre production, we found ourselves quite busy, even though the rehearsal schedule for this musical revue was pretty darn minimal.

We have, in fact, found ourselves in an attempt to return to normalcy.  Our children, last week, were bounced from family member to family member in an attempt to have child care available for them.  And although they enjoyed it, they ended up spending way too much time awake after the times they generally are asleep (no real fault of the caretakers, they were awesome, my kids just get really excited when other folks are about).  At the same time, my wife and I both found ourselves stretched a little too thin and have been in need of some severe R&R, mostly through the use of naps.

But, the most trying piece of this puzzle was just the amount of time we were spending away from our kids.  I’m not sure it if was harder on us, or on them.

Out household has become somewhat of an emotional tornado, as four exhausted humans struggle with their need for sleep as well as their need to interact with people they have never spent this much time away from.  It’s been pretty crazy.

Now, I don’t wish to compare this re-adjustment to the period of time following World War I when America was trying to figure out how it was to exist in this post-war world. . . but, I have to admit that I feel just about as lost at times (okay, yeah, overexaggeration).

Anyways, life is slowly moving back into where it used to be.  But, of course, summer being the way it is, that won’t last for long.  This weekend marks a visit from one of my cousins, a yearly visit that gets our household very excited, but also generally means some late nights out for the parents as they reconvene this long-distance friendship.  And, there’s also the whole truck show thing, which is the entire reason he’s up here, which offers some late night entertainment that I’m finding too difficult to not allow my kids to stay up for.

Following that (well, technically they overlap), my wife leaves town for a few days for some work-related activities.

And the summer keeps rolling on after that as well.

So, as you can see, the return to normalcy is a slow moving process. . . but, just like with America in the post-war situation that was the 20s and 30s, I’m not sure there’s really such a thing as normalcy.  Life evolves.  It’s constantly shifting into something new.  That’s especially true when children are in the mix.  My daughter’s got less than a month before she begins actual school, you know, with like lesson plans and whatnot.  Sure, it’s only 4k, sure, it’s at the exact same place she currently has daycare, but suddenly my little girl is in the official Eau Claire school system. . .  things are changing.

I have to admit, although it’s trying, tiring, and sometimes just plain difficult, I do find joy in the changes.  I greatly enjoyed being back on the stage again this past weekend, and although I hated being away from my kids so much, it has been fantastic to be getting so many hugs and cuddles these past few days from the little ones I missed so much.

Besides, change is so much better than what it feels like during the long Wisconsin winter. . . in which nothing seems to change, except the height of the snow drifts that line my drive-way.

Anyways, we’re slowly getting back up to speed.  Here’s hoping that our post-war situation doesn’t involve any Great Depressions.  I’ve already gone through one of those in recent history.

Have a good one!


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