Win This Book (and one of my comic books)!

cropped-Buddy-Hero-Book-Covers3.jpgToday’s your last chance to get entered to win a signed paperback copy of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO!

In my silly ploy to get more reviews on Amazon for my book, I had a lot of fun in developing a little contest to try to convince all of you who have read the book to put up a little note telling other people that they should read it as well.

I’m not much of a beggar, in fact, I’m not really trying to beg right now.  However, I realize how difficult it can be to take the time to put into words how you feel about anything. . . especially considering you know I’m judging every single word to decide whether or not we can continue to be friends in the future 🙂

Honestly, anything does help.  I’m not complaining about how the book is doing, by any means.  In fact, I’m pretty darn happy with how well it is being received, as well as how many sales are coming through, even if most authors would describe them as trickling.

Buddy’s slowly making its way up the Amazon ranking scale, and as it does so, the one thing that will help it continue its path is reviews, as it helps build consumer confidence.  In fact, research has proven that even negative reviews are better than no reviews at all.  And. . . I’m really not picky.  If you hated the book, go ahead and tell the world.  It may save others from reading a book they aren’t interested in, or, perhaps, cause them to want to see if it’s anywhere near as bad as you thought it was.

I’m not looking for compliments, just a little assistance in giving people a reason to choose my book over others when they are doing their shopping.  All of you have already done so much to help Buddy get where he is today, and I owe you all way more than I could possibly ever give back.  So, I’m not begging, I’m not pleading, I’m not even guilting.

That’s why the contest exists.  I want to give something (albeit relatively minor) back in return for those who are continually helping Buddy on his rise.  If I had the money, I’d give something to everyone who leaves a review, something much more valuable than a signed copy of the book you’ve already read.

However, in order to up the ante slightly, I will be tossing in a comic book from my very own collection to the prize.  So head on over to the A CALL TO ARMS facebook page and get yourself entered.

And–just because I’m enjoying giving things away, tomorrow I’m considering Super-Saturday where THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO will be completely free for 24 hours.

Thanks again for joining me on this fun ride.  I hope we can continue it together!


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