Back in the Habit Again


Although I had come to the conclusion that my return to the stage ended for some time after my experiences doing the musical HONK! back in March, I was somehow convinced to return to my theatre roots once again, culminating in two shows this weekend, for a little musical revue called MISCAST 2013: The Power of the Pronoun (or something like that).

I have to admit that it’s rather nice to be involved in yet another show with such an amazingly talented cast, and, of course, one that required so little of my time.  Yet. . . I can’t help but continue to feel that nervous energy as the show dates approach.  My stage presence in this show is much less than that of this past March’s, but it feels like there’s so much more hanging over it, perhaps due to the fact that the majority of the audience will, undoubtedly, be theatre folks from the area.

All the same, the show is shaping up to be quite a lot of fun.  The basic concept is simple, guys sing girls songs, girls sing guys.  The execution, however, shows the true versatility of our area’s local talent.  And then I may sing a song or two as well. . .

Anyways, if you’re into musical theatre (and not too easily offended) I highly recommend coming out to watch me yet again make an ass out of myself in front of the masses.

Seriously, come on out, you’ll even get to see the long-awaited return of my wife to the stage.  That’s how important of a show this is :-).


Anyways, gotta get to writing.  Have a good one!


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