As an American, it is Your Civic Duty!

poster_m_bestof_artsThis past weekend I became aware that I am currently included in a reader’s choice poll for being “Favorite Local Author” and for Buddy to be “Best Local Book Released in the Last Year“.  Now, whether or not I was included in the original list or added after the fact by one of my fans (friends) is unimportant, what is important is that I’m on there, because, well, it feels like a small amount of validation (which I probably should already feel from having my book read by folks the world over).

Now, I hold no real hopes of winning these categories.  In one I’m up against Michael Perry, who just so happens to be a New York Times bestseller (and has his own wikipedia page!)  In the other I’m up against Bruce Taylor, who, although he doesn’t have a wikipedia page, does happened to hold the title of Poet Laureate for our fine city last year (meaning that he holds a fair amount of support from the community, I would assume).  He also happened to have been one of my professors for a class back in the day.  I don’t know if that means anything, but, well, he’s probably got a bit more steam behind him than me and Buddy.

All the same, I’m holding to the idea that democrazy works, and that Buddy and I truly deserve to have our names in the hallowed halls of the Chippewa Valley’s Reader’s Choice Poll winner’s circle.  I have no clue what this would actually mean. . . I mean, restaurants and what not get a sticker to put in their window. . . I hope I do too!  But what it does mean is that I will officially own the Chippewa Valley (right?)  I’m sure there’s some sort of special powers that are awarded those who attain status of RCP winner.

So, go, do your civic duty and vote to put me and Buddy in the winner’s seat!

While you’re at it, looking for something to while away the time on your Monday afternoon, head off to the A Call to ARMS Contest and get yourself entered for a chance to win a signed copy of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO.

Don’t forget, ebook copies of the book are available for 99 cents through the rest of the week, and there’s now paperback copies available as well!

Have a good one!


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