A Call to ARMS (All Reviews Mean Something)

cropped-Buddy-Hero-Book-Covers3.jpgAlright, I’ve officially had it.  Although I’ve never been too concerned with making people post reviews on my books or anything, too many of my author friends have been getting a little too fresh with me about how their review numbers are growing.

It’s time for battle!

I know many of you have already read the book and have told me countless wonderful things about your experiences with it.  I heartily appreciate it, but now I’m asking for something more.  Reviews!  Go to amazon, here’s a link to make it even easier for you and sharpen your sword-like fingers to type away those evil other authors.  Join my army and show them what we’re made of.

What?  You’re saying that men shouldn’t go into battle without any incentive?

Fine, here’s some incentive.  For the next week, the ebook of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO is on sale for a mere $.99.  That’s right, if you haven’t had the chance to pick up this book yet, now’s the time.  (amazon’s updating slowly, but the price should update sometime this afternoon)

Oh, you don’t have one of those fancy digital weapons which other men call ereaders?  Fine, guess what, THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO is now available in paperback as well.  $9.50 will equip you properly with this ancient weapon of choice.

What? You’re saying that’s not nearly enough incentive?  Fine, I’ve got your incentive right here, men.  A contest!

Yep, for the next week, as we battle the hordes of authors who flaunt their reviews in our faces, I’m willing to put my own money where my mouth is.  So, each person who puts a review out on Amazon will be entered into a random drawing for a signed paperback edition of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO.  Should I feel dirty for having a giveaway for reviews?  Maybe, but this is war!

All you have to do to get your name entered in this competition is put your review out on Amazon and head out to the facebook event page writing a little note stating you’ve done so. If you’re shy, I’ll also accept e-mails.  If you’ve already put a review out there, you can still enter the drawing.  I’m not picky.

Conditions are minimal.  I don’t care what you put out there for a review.  It can be a 1 star entry stating you hated the piss out of it.  It can be a 5 star review expounding on how it changed you life.  It can be a 3 star review discussing how your cat sleeps all day and you want it to start an exercise regimen to get rid of that excess flab growing around it’s posterior.  I don’t care!

These other authors claim amazon reviews are the key to sales.  To them I say, PAH!  Sales are the key to Amazon reviews!  (wait. . . what?)

I’m not begging men, I’m simply calling you to do your duty as a countryman and a patriot!  Let’s show those suckers that we won’t go down without a fight!


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