NEWSFLASH: Sweetest Little Boy on the Planet Turns 2!

100_2002You may think you recognize this photo from a recent post regarding my daughter’s 4th birthday.  I have to admit, I had to go back and look at that post and make sure I hadn’t posted the wrong photo there.  But, nope, it just turns out that photos of me sleeping whilst my newborn children sleep on top of me is just something that happens.

And two years ago today, this photo to the right was taken as I was enjoying a short-lived reprieve from consciousness, enjoying the warmth of my newborn baby boy.

It was a happy moment.

The following few months were rather difficult for me, however.  As a child I dreamed of having a younger brother to play with.  When expecting my first child (as well as my second), I dreamed of the idea of having a little boy to live out those dreams of my youth.  However, this little guy, for the first few months of his life, really wanted nothing to do with me.

I remember many long nights having the kid scream at me whilst I kept him from his mother so she could get some rest.  He wanted nothing more than to nuzzle his giver of life, and I was not even a close second.

As time went on, things got better between him and I, and now as he wakes up in the morning, the first thing I hear coming from his room is his incredibly loud shouts of “Daddy! Daddy!” as he anxiously awaits me to get him out of his crib.  When I walk into that room in order to free him from his prison, he just greets me with a giant smile.  No words, just teeth.

This kid is awesome, and although I had to do a bit more to earn his love, unlike with his sister who has always been a fan of Dad, I find it very hard to be separated from him.  Although I see more of his mother in him than I see of myself, people constantly refer to him as my Mini-Me.  I like that.  His sister is so obviously the product of their mother that it’s nice to have one kid that can be recognized as mine, even if I find the similarities to be much smaller than I would like. . . sure, he’s cuter as a product of my wife, but seriously, I need a mini-me.

This morning, as I walked into his room, I received the same toothy grin as always.  However, when I asked him what day today was, he responded quickly and excitedly with “Do-nah’s Bird-day!”  The smile on his face as I broke into a rendition of the Happy Birthday Song was wonderful.  This kid has been so excited about finally reaching his special day that you could see that he felt his life was complete.

My son is two. . . and he’s just about the coolest little boy I could ask for.

Happy Birthday Jonah!


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