Read my Books as I Write Them!

After years of deliberation on whether or not I would ever allow my stuff to be seen in the world before it was something I considered perfect, I finally put up a later draft of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO onto a site last year.  The main use I found in the site was the ability to network with other authors and readers, as well as get some incredibly useful insight into my work in progress.

Today, I announce the opportunity to read even the most roughest of drafts of my work, as I’m writing them, on that same site.  My two current works in progress are popping up on there as we speak, and I’ll be adding more as I have more to add.  Right now, not only can you read the first three chapters of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO, but you can also read the first 5 chapters of THE AGORA FILES (more to come very very soon) as well as the first 7 chapters of THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL.

Those of you who have been keeping track are aware that THE AGORA FILES is all but completed, needing some desperate love to make the book a more cohesive story, as well as to fill in some unintentional story gaps.  FAT MOGUL, however, is still being written.  If you so choose as to read this book as I lay it out, you’ll have the opportunity to see how little planning I really do as I go into this, and probably a bit of how I lose track of things as I continue. . . in other words, you can see how truly atrocious my first drafts can be.

So, if you’re the type who likes to get in early on things, or the type who loves to find typos, grammatical errors, or just plain want to point out things you don’t like, you should hop over to my page on authonomy and check it out.  You shouldn’t have to register to read, but if you wish to comment on the book there, you will.  However, I’ll accept all criticisms through any avenue you wish, whether it be e-mail, facebook, twitter, text message, phone call, or spray painted into my lawn.

I’ll be updating on Facebook and Twitter as new chapters go up, which should hopefully be quite regularly.

Hope you all enjoy this glimpse into the brain of writing.


Have a good one!


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