Is There No Such Thing as Bad Publicity?

Welp, it finally happened.  I finally received my first official bad review (not on the novel, but on the short story Dominion of Evil).  It was bound to occur and, honestly, I’m surprised it has taken quite so long to happen. . . granted, not too many of my readers have actually put a review out on the world yet (as far as I’ve found anyways), so perhaps I’ve just been luckily ignorant.

Anyways. . . waking up to such a review definitely stung, I won’t lie.  However, I take a bit of pride in the review as well.  It is my first official red badge, and. . . well, all of his negatives were basically about the entire point of the short story.

But I’m not going to take up any time trying to defend my book.  The author of this review is allowed their opinion, and I have definitely heard it.  I am happy to know that he appreciated the font of the ebook, since that seems to be a trending comment in his reviews 🙂

All in all, I figured I should highlight a bit of what the world is saying about Buddy and his adventures.  If you’re looking for something a bit more positive, here’s a couple of other reviews I’ve received.  Here and here


On a side note, sales of the short story have spiked since the posting of this negative review. . . perhaps it’s due to his Reading Rainbow-esque ending . . . “. . . but don’t take my word for it. . .”

Have a good one!


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