Random Toy Nostalgia

I have a whole ton of things hiding in a folder on my hard drive that happen to be items I want to review further in the future.  Usually I use these items when I’m feeling as though I have nothing to put on here.  Today just happens to be one of those days.  So, going through the folder, I happened upon a search for a toy I had as a kid (pictured).

This action figure was, quite simply, one of my favorite childhood toys.  I remember setting him up as the main character in all play sessions, giving him all sorts of super powers in which he could take down anyone who stood in his way.  He was, of course, the hero of the story, and he always won.

The thing is, until a few years ago, I had absolutely no clue who he was.  That was went I found a list on IGN of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time.  I hadn’t thought about this old toy of mine for years, but when I happened upon this page some sort of memory alarm started going off in the back of my head.

Yes, suddenly, after a lifetime of having absolutely no clue what this toy was, where it came from, how I even came across it as my own possession, I had a name, and, a backstory.  Not only was my favorite heroic action figure #65 on all time worst comic book villains, but he was absolutely powerless, just a smart dude who liked to cause trouble as he time traveled the world.

This character was completely different from anything I ever imagined he could have been as a kid, and somehow, in all of my comic book collecting since then, I’ve never actually run across this character that IGN felt deserved inclusion in their list of the coolest rogues.  Suddenly, however, I was not only able to to gain access to his entire history (no where near completed reading), but was also able to find the exact same action figure I owned as a kid on ebay (not purchased).

It’s amazing how easy it is to gain further insights into one’s own history thanks to the internet today.  As a side note, a few years ago, I found out that my wife’s father used to sing the same silly song to her that my father would sing to me.  It was a silly enough song that I just assumed he had made it up one day and continued with it throughout my life.  So, imagine my surprise when one day my wife begins singing that exact same song to my daughter.

Turns out, this song that should really not be considered much more than an odd recurring line was actually quite popular during the late 60’s.  And. . . quite creepy.


So, with that being brought up, I’ll leave you with the video of the song my wife and my father’s liked to repeat (They’re coming to take me away haha!):

Have a good one!


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