Upcoming Project Statusii

Good morning internetz,

So, I know, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately focusing on all sorts of mushy junk and not spending nearly any time discussing the status of my current projects.  As such, I figured that a minor update may be worthwhile.

First things first, as you may have noticed was mentioned in a recent post, my family has just gone through a bout of Mononucleosis, you know, the kissing disease.  I guess there’s just too much kissing going on in this household.  My ever-increasing lack of energy due to this horrible virus came on like a storm, and I honestly had no clue what was going on.  Although I had made the resolution a month or so ago to get back into a regular writing pattern of a thousand words a day, I found myself more and more unable to do so.

But, I’m on the mend, and I’m happy to report that all current projects are currently still on schedule, although I’m having to do quite a bit of catch-up work in order to keep on track for how quickly I had hoped to move forward on them.  Monday found me in the position of coming to the realization of an important plot device in The Rise of the Fat Mogul which is opening that story up to much more than I had envisioned, all part of the greater saga, but I until Monday, I hadn’t pictured including as much history as this new device is going to allow, all while keeping things right in the line with the tone of The Legend of Buddy Hero.

In other news, the Buddy Hero short story, Dominion of Evil is now available for free on most online retailers, including Amazon.  It was always intended to be free, but Amazon likes to make it difficult to set that selling point.  Now that it’s available for the taking, it’s flying off virtual shelves and into people’s kindles like hot cakes, and we’re now starting to see some sales of the novel come from that story as well.  I’m in the midst of coming up with another short story as a sequel to that one, which I’m quite eager to share with you all, you know, once it’s written and everything.

Other than all of that, I fear there’s very little to report.  There are a few side projects that I hope to begin soon, but need to find the spare time to do so, and The Agora Files is anxiously awaiting final edits, pending the completion of the first draft of The Rise of the Fat Mogul.  I’m really excited to share that one with you.  All beta readers have had nothing but amazing things to say about it, noting that it is head over heels a better book than Buddy.  It’s action packed, and, dare I say, pretty darn awesome.

Anyways, I should get back to it.  I’m happy to announce things are all moving forward as they should be once again, and soon you’ll be seeing new published content hitting your electronic readers, as well as some paperback options. . .

Have a good one!


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