My Son – The Mack

DSC_0274I had some reservations during the preparations for our trip, mostly involving our son.  We had a pretty good idea of how our daughter would respond to the different pieces of the trip, due to our previous trip, but he had only been a few weeks old the last time, and. . . well. . . he’s a scaredy cat.

The one thing that I knew could be a big deal for him would be to meet characters like Mickey and Pluto, characters that he adores.  In fact, during a recent garage sale excursion, he happened across a pluto toy that he immediately began taking everywhere with him.  But. . . well, this kid frightens easily.  He’s had some previous experiences with giant head characters, such as the mascots for the local bank or orthodontist (is it weird that we have walk around characters for both things in Eau Claire?).  They never went well.  He always showed interest, but when they got close, he would run for the figurative hills.

So, in preparation for the trip, I did a lot of work toward building his love for the characters we were going to see as well as showing videos of these characters as they appear in the parks. . . you know, all big and whatnot.
As you can see from the above video (apologies for shaky camera work, I was laughing too hard at my son’s antics by this point). . . this was an unnecessary fear.

However, I couldn’t have been prepared for what was to come as a result of the surprise we had planned for day 4 of our vacation. . . dinner in Cinderella’s Castle.

Now, this place was even harder to get into than it was to set up a reservation at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, but, well, since we knew that it would be yet another thing that would make this vacation even more magical for our daughter (and. . . once again, my wife), I also spent a fair amount of time on the phone with the reservation desk constantly checking for openings.

We got lucky.

Now, let me remind you, this meal was intended to be a surprise for our daughter, something that we figured the son could care less about.  Once again, we were proven wrong.

DSC_0327I present to you, this photo, of my son and his collection of kisses from five different princesses.  Yep, that’s right, not only did this kid love these princesses to death, but they loved him right back.  Snow White, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella all left their mark on my son’s face (and heart).  In fact, this kid was digging the attention so thoroughly that for the rest of the day he hunted for people he could get hugs from, including the above pictured Stitch (which occurred due to us happening upon a dance party with a few characters that my son went absolutely bonkers over) as well as just random people who worked at the park.  My concerns over his fearful nature were completely misplaced.  He couldn’t have been more comfortable with all of it.

Interestingly enough, one of the rides he continues to talk about, “Moomoo righ” (or Nemo Ride for those who don’t speak Jojo), has a moment in it which caused his heart to absolutely race, but he had to keep riding it whenever possible. . . and continues to talk about it yet today.

This kid got fully into the act and loved every second of it. . . this being the same kid that runs for the door whenever I grab the hose. . . the same kid who climbs up my shirt if the music gets too loud. . . knew when the time had come to just go with the flow and have a great time.

Now, my daughter. . . well, she has no fear.  In fact, as I’ll have to talk about in a future post, you could say she has absolutely no problem standing directly in the face of Terror.

Have a good one


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